Basilica Dress Code!

Get a load of this great announcement in the parish bulletin of St. Patrick’s Basilica in Ottawa:


The expression “Sunday clothes” and “Sunday best” seems to have gone out of style. But it is still important to dress well for Sunday Mass. We are in God’s House, and we are worshiping God and receiving Holy Communion. Our attitude should be one of reverence  and respect and this should be expressed in how we dress. No doubt we would dress appropriately if we were meeting a head of state or a dignitary. At Mass we meet Christ in a special, sacramental way. Mass is not the place to “be yourself” in the sense of dressing the way you dress lounging at home or going shopping. Mass is a holy event, in a holy place, and so we dress accordingly. Any kind of revealing clothing worn by men or women is not appropriate for Mass. If we should follow the rules of modesty in everyday life, it is especially important to dress modestly at Mass. To  be more specific, any kind of skimpy clothing should not be worn and one should avoid wearing shorts. Even if the weather is warm, Mass is usually less than an hour, so the sacrifice of a little comfort can be made. For those who really wish to wear some kind of abbreviated clothing, knee length clothing can be considered and is usually fairly acceptable. Again, we express what Mass means to us by the way we dress for Mass. Let us not dress to please others, or to please ourselves. Let us dress to please God, showing respect and gratitude for all that God has given us.  Thank you

This is awesome! Thank you Fr. Siok!

9 thoughts on “Basilica Dress Code!

  1. Don’t agree. I find the dress code directive above simplistic and condescending. It’s not necessary or prudent to micro-manage to this extent and I don’t like to be “talked-down to”. It would be refreshing to have the clergy stick to matters of faith and morals. I am as guilty or likely, more guilty, than the next in passing judgment on someone’s attire. In fact, I just did this morning. But I deal with that in one way or another. A brief reminder, now and then, about deportment in Church is fine without getting into detail about how long shorts should be is acceptable.

  2. I think this has everything to do with faith and morals. Morality in that we are called to always dress modestly and some people don’t seem to know what that means, and faith in that we believe that Christ is present there and nobody should dress immodestly or like a slob or sandwich board to meet the King of Kings.

  3. Chastity is not only about sex. It affects the way we dress, speak and behave.
    This priest is doing exactly his job because this is entirely about faith and morals.

  4. I very much appreciate the announcement in the bulletin. Many Catholics simply don’t have a clue about what modesty is or what is happening during the Mass because they haven’t been cathecized properly. I would go as far as to say that every church should have something similar permanently posted in their entrances as a reminder for their parishioners.

  5. Well done, St. Patrick’s Basilica! The notice is really needed—once upon a time I came back from communion and knelt down to pray only to see 4 inches worth of teen girl thong right in front of me. Ewww! Mass is not the place for low-rise jeans and belly tops.

  6. There you go again shooting the victim but immodesty and immorality are consequences of the Worldview of Politically Correct Relativism in government, law and education by decree. We live in a democratic country where politicians make our laws in our Legislatures and Parliament by Passing Bills into Law by majority vote. Why are you allowing love without meaning (Kinsey Sex Education) and murder without guilt (abortion) to be taught to children and young adults in schools? Where were you when we forced the Supreme Court of Canada and Parliament to raise the age of sex consent in 2008, thus closing the legal loophole in Canadian Law where consenting children where legally sexually exploited by perverts? The majority of agnostics that helped us live by the natural law of the Ten Commandment more than most of you. Is this Priest you are commending involved on politics where are laws are made? The tisk tisker’s don’t ever look at where they themselves stand politically when they point fingers at people without speaking to them lovingly with respect, as people made in the image of God . A professor wrote a book about this titled, ” Nation of Bastards “.

  7. Didn’t we build the Universities? Now they have been surrendered to “only” the worldview of Alfred Kinsey, Charles Darwin and associates by political decree. There are some exceptions, but most of these few have to keep their mouths shut until they get tenure, and then mostly agnostics come to their aid when they are threatened. Wake up and don’t be absent without leave in the Culture War that has been raging for the souls and minds of our youth. The rotten pretenders have reduced the word Christan to almost a swear word. In a democracy politics is overwhelmingly inevitable for real Christians to be involved in. Our God gave us volition to choose Him or Politically Correct Relativism. It is for freedom Christ has set us free, stand firm then, and don’t let yourselves be burdened again by the yoke of slavery. Once upon a time in the Christian West the majority of the citizens understood the consequences of Politically Correct Relativism, in government, law, education by Political decree. I am told that this can come about again, and better than before if enough people who call themselves Christian would wake up from their slumber and begin to become politically active where our societies laws are made. Meaning well is just not enough.

  8. Let it not be said that I will not at least consider the majority position. As suggested, “something similar should be posted at the entrance”. So a code of dress must be written and hopefully agreed to without too much controversy. Maybe the Parish Council could undertake this delicate job. Since it is a matter of faith and morals, a lot of care will have to be put into this. Alternatively, the priest could be asked to prepare something arbitrarily. Following the promulgation of the rules, enforcement must follow. So what about special cases; such as someone who cannot read or fails to see the rules or who is just back from the cottage and doesn’t have time to change? Or, a mentally handicapped person who does not understand our strictures? How about someone off the street who cannot afford the acceptable attire? Someone will have to enforce the rules. By a stroke of great luck I know just the person for the job-me. In the past, I have taken great pride in being called a “Master of Ecclesiastical Discipline”. Heretofore, this title has been semi-official, self imposed and just within the family, but this could change.

  9. Praise God!!

    It is very simple if we love God and reverence Him and Our Blessed Mother Mary, we will desire to dress in ways that please `Him .

    The bodies God chose to be His living temples that are to be kept as free of defilement as possible because He wants to live in us, His anyway.

    I may not remember my early teachings, but The Holy Spirit and my Mother in Heaven tell me how to dress to please God. It is up to me

    I am convicted if I dress immodest ways.

    I try not to judge others, because not all people know this or are new in their walk with God.

    I do know that at times, when I am rushed to leave, I have forgotten a slip, and the skirt even though it is long and not tight has turned out to be more revealing than I knew.

    I as a woman KNOW when I am dressing for myself OR for others attention, ( and sometimes than can be the reason others sin). This is not good at all and when I want to l;look lovely and as pretty as I can for my Beautiful Savior, Father God and Holy Spirit.
    and He is my Bridegroom.

    It is not hard, if one has Jesus in mind at all times, and like the saying used to go `What would Jesus think about me wearing this`Of course He still loves me, , but that is not the point. I am too grateful for Gods`Love and giving me back my life to not want to make it all about Him.

    Mass is supposed to be about Him, and us offering up every thing to Him in gratitude. What are we holding back if we do not let Him dress us, and, or Our Blessed Mother Mary, who of course points to what please Her Son, and Our Lord Jesus Christ. of course, nothing else.

    At least that is why I go.
    Mass is sooooo!!!! Beautiful!!!
    Thank You Lord, Thank You Lord, Thank You Lord!!!

    Do we not realize what God has given us and Himself to us
    for. To be transformed in ALL ways.

    Thank You Lord for ongoing purification of things that
    defile me, inside and outside.

    With Love and adoration for only You God, for it is You alone I sin against in ALL matters of morals and modesty.

    Frances Wilkinson

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