Barbara Kay: “Being a prostitute is a shameful, indecent activity, and any sex worker who demands respect as a matter of course is fooling herself”

As many have you have heard, the Ontario Superior Court has struck down the prostitution law and opened the door for complete legalization of prostitution.  This is a disgrace.  Let me tell you about my experience with prostitution.

About 12 years ago, I was walking down the street with a couple of friends when we came upon a crying woman.  She had just been kicked out of a house by a man and the two were yelling at each other.  We approached the woman and tried to console her.  We then learned that she was a prostitute and the man was her latest trick.

We decided to drive her home so that she could be safe.  She was very grateful.  She had been raised Catholic.  We gave her a Miraculous medal and she put it on her necklace.  Being a prostitute had taken a toll on her, both physically and emotionally. She was not a happy woman but she felt that she had no other option.

Lefties will argue that legalizing prostitution will eliminate this sort of rough treatment towards hookers, where men mistreat the women or don’t pay.  But that won’t affect the main problem these women face and which I witnessed first hand, i.e. being treated as a living sex toy for disturbed men.  Their very raison d’être is to be a professional object of lust and manipulation.  No legalization will take away the hurt of being used like a rag and then thrown away.  I’ve seen their pain.

In a recent editorial, Barbara Kay of the National Post made some very good points about this.  Here’s a key excerpt:

Many libertarians will applaud the legalization of prostitution, which is in theory a victimless crime. The reality is that high-end prostitutes already know how to look after themselves, while low-end prostitutes are usually just trying to get from one drug fix to another. They will have little interest in pre-screening their johns, because they are desperate women. Does anyone really believe that they are going to spend their money on an “office,” advertise their services, keep accounts, submit to regular health testing and pay taxes on their income? Dream on. Does anyone really believe that pimps will then become vacuum-cleaner salesmen?

The danger to prostitutes will continue, because the kind of men who frequent prostitutes and the kind of men who control them don’t have a lot of respect for them on the whole. Nor should they. Being a prostitute is a shameful, indecent activity, and any sex worker who demands respect as a matter of course is fooling herself. She is not respectable. Politically correct people will say she is, but she isn’t. The danger will continue, the pimps will still control the desperate girls and society as a whole will think less of itself. And all because nobody really takes a good look at the word “harm” and asks themselves what a healthy society looks like, and what kind of newly designated “normal” behaviours, stamped kosher by the courts, bring harm to that healthy body. (Source)

Yes, being a prostitute should always be a shameful and indecent activity.  Every human being deserves respect, but not all “occupations” are worthy of respect.  Prostitution (and pimping) obviously fall into this category.  So does the pornography industry, by the way, because it is the main breeding ground for the sexually obsessed men that have recourse to prostitutes. 

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