Banned pro-life club sues Ontario university

OTTAWA, Ontario, February 23, 2011 ( – Carleton Lifeline, the pro-life club at Carleton University, announced Wednesday morning that they are suing the University and its administration for discriminatory treatment over the 2010-2011 academic school year. “We believe that the behaviour of the University is actionable. We have suffered discrimination and intimidation, we have been arrested and threatened and we are seeking restitution,” said Ruth Lobo, President of Carleton Lifeline. “The University’s discriminatory actions are shocking, to say the least. We want to ensure, through law, that this behaviour is not repeated at Carleton University ever again.”…

Never again at a Canadian University.

Shame on Carleton University.  Nevermind blackening these students’ records with boorish threats.  It will take a lot longer to shake Censorship U.’s reputation after this is all said and done.

One thought on “Banned pro-life club sues Ontario university

  1. When love without meaning (Kinsey Sex Education) and murder without guilt of babies in the warmth of their mothers wombs( Abortion ) is taught as a way of life by Court enforcement and Parliament decree Canadian citizens have allowed Tyrants to rule our Country. How could this occur? Enforced Politically Correct Relativism that all views are equally true and beneficial has made Zombie Land out of Western Civilization. We still have a few sane judges and citizens. They convinced many Zombie’s to reason and become human again between 2005 and 2008 when we defeated bad Legislation in Parliament and evil Supreme Court Law that allowed a loop hole in Canadian Law for Sex Traffickers and Pedophiles to legally sexually exploit Canadian Children. We ended evil in 2008. So with arduous work this kind of honorable result can be repeated.

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