Baltimore Woman Dies As a Result of Abortion

Isn’t abortion great for women?

It looks like there are Gosnell’s everywhere. Who can you trust?

Baltimore, MD, May 29, 2013 ( — Dispatch transcripts from a 911 call have revealed further details about a fatal abortion performed at a shoddy Baltimore abortion clinic in February, including the name of the abortionist who performed the procedure, reports the pro-life group Operation Rescue. The operating license of the Baltimore facility, Associates in OB/GYN Care,is currently suspended after state inspectors determined that it posed a danger to the public.


Police also responded to the 911 call and interviewed abortionist Iris E. Dominy, who admitted to police that she had performed an abortion on 38-year old Maria Santiago. Dominy said that after the abortion, Santiago passed out and went into cardiac arrest. (Source)


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