Bad Hair Day? Euthanize!

Mississippi is not alone in the modern debate over the sanctity of life. More  than 4,000 miles away, the Netherlands is caught up in its own controversy over  a proposal from the Dutch Medical Association (KNMG) to expand the definition of  who may qualify for assisted suicide — including for the first time such  nonmedical factors as loneliness and financial struggles… (Source)

What a sick and twisted society the Netherlands is….and this exit strategy is soon coming to Canada, too, just you wait and see.  I give it 10 years….provided civilization is still around as we know it.

One thought on “Bad Hair Day? Euthanize!

  1. So now the Dutch want to kill people who are poor and/or unpopular, all for mercy and compassion’s sake of course. Oh what fun, the Netherlands has now given the cruel little schoolyard bully a needle and a syringe to kill his victims with, provided that bully grew up to be a doctor. Now he can kill off all the poor kids that he tormanted on the playground, as well as the nerdish, unpopular kids. I can hardly wait till the Dutch people rise up and put a stop to it: or if they don’t, the Islamists can have the country and grind the people up with the cruelty of their sharia law. The barbarians are in the gates in the Netherlands, and maybe God will let the barbarians destroy Dutch society to punish them for the shedding of innocent blood.
    God’s chosen people, the Jews, were frequently punished in the Old Testament, because their actions displeased God. The punishment often came in the form of pagan people invading and destroying them. The sin that brought this on was often the shedding of innocent blood. God would lift his hand of protection and the enemy would swarm in. If God responds like that when His chosen people shed innocent blood, why would He be more merciful to Dutch society? And remember, the Islamists are already in the Netherlands doing terrorism on a regular basis.
    We will soon see how God will punish the Dutch for killing the poor and unpopular. He will do it for the doctors who do the killing, and to punish the larger society for tolerating it.

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