Back to the Old Testament and Moses

Cardinal Jose Luiz Lacunza Maestrojuan, the president of the Panamanian Bishops’ Conference, and Rapporteur at the Synod of the Family suggested on October 5, 2015, during his alloted three minute speech, that the Law of Christ be overturned and the Church adapt a position on divorce following Moses. The Cardinal was quoted by Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki (translated by Toronto Catholic Witness) as saying:

“Moses drew near to the people and gave way. Likewise today, the ‘hardness of hearts’ opposes God’s plan. Could Peter not be merciful like Moses”?


And then these blind guides and Pharisees (the real ones not the fake ones identified in current times) wonder why no one takes them seriously.

I can tell you, quite frankly and sadly, that episcopal “teaching” like this stops at my front door.  And does not and will not enter.  Whether priest, prophet, or Pope — it matters not to me.  If it’s against the clear teaching of Jesus, then I don’t give a damn who you are or what colour of robe you wear.

3 thoughts on “Back to the Old Testament and Moses

  1. When Jesus taught about the Eucharist he said “are you offended? Will you also go away.”

    Peter said “Where would we go? You have the words of spirit and life.”

    Christ’s words are spirit and life. If Jesus said no divorce and remarriage, then no divorce and remarriage. How difficult a concept is this?

  2. Roman Emperor Constantine Converted to Christianity from Hedonism about the year 307.Before this Church was parties of persecuted Christians by government decree.When The Western World’s Governments declare Christianity unconstitutional in Government,Law and Education,and so-called “neutral” Secular Humanist Hedonism constitutional; the edifices of worship return to paganism with hedonist Priests and laity,because real Christian values have been declared unconstitutional.This in a Civilization which prided itself as Christian in Government,Law and Education before the 1960’s,where school teachers led students in The Lord’s Prayer,where sex education was dating,courtship and waiting for faithful marriage to one of the opposite sex.Where The Ten Commandments were on Government,Court and Schoolhouse walls,and in the majorities hearts and minds.Now most young parents and grandparents only know so-called neutral Secular Hedonism as The Western State Worldview.Many older ones have converted to the “new” State Religion for fear of persecution.This new so-called “neutral” Democratic Secular Hedonist Worldview-Religion with it’s Politically Correct ideology gives our youth and society no hope.Secular Hedonist Government,Law,Education and Media have no answer for the Christless criminality they have legalized,because their new religion of so-called “neutral” Secular Humanist Hedonism causes the hopelessness that leads to senseless behavior. The “new” Western Civilizations Secular Humanist Religion is causing more heartaches,and it has only to look at it’s decaying values,but refuses to.Our duty to Lord Christ is to pray without ceasing that reason prevails in our democracies,and the ones who call themselves Christians wake up out of their political apathy.Secular Humanist Hedonists try to make reason out of non-reason,and set precedents for more harmful behavior. Such is the Worldview-Religion of Secular Politically Correct Hedonism.

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