Baby Boomers Bust Canada

From today’s Globe and Mail…

Baby boomers have brought us the Beatles, women in the work force and sustained prosperity. As they ease into retirement, they may soon be responsible for lower levels of economic growth, and higher interest rates too.

Bank of Canada Governor David Dodge…cautioned that Canada needs a productivity miracle to avoid a demographic topedo to the economy

Other countries’ stars – notably Germany and France – will sink much faster because of their work forces are aging more quickly than Canada’s, he added. The importance, as we know it today, of the G8, which still accounts for more than 40 percent of the world economy, could decline to one-third by 2025, and to only one-quarter by 2050…” (Globe and Mail, B1 & B8, Thurs. June 14)


Trust me. The liberal fools who run the show in this country will skate around the real issue until we have taken on too much water to salvage HMS Sinking Fast . You’ll read a lot of crap like “restructuring” and “reorganizing” and other soothing nonsense from our so-called leaders who refuse to call a spade a spade.

The problem here is that Canada (as if it needs to be said again and again), like much of the Western world, is not having any children – at least not enough to sustain ourselves and our “way of life”.


No amount of reorganization and workforce manipulation is going to be able to plug a hole this size. When your way of life is seriously dictated to you by rubbers and vascetomies or when your best friend is Henry Morgentaller, maybe your “way of life” has to change.

There would be no problem with our labour pools (which I have long predicted by the way, but, hell, who listens to social conservatives anyway?) or an aging population if we had a young and vibrant work force to sustain it. Problem is that the boomers were all bust and no boom. They were all in it for the sterile orgasm and that is the legacy that they have passed on to this generation.

You can dress it up and dish out the typical leftist propaganda, but eventually we all have to face reality. We live in a cultural “Enron” where we all believe the lies and everyone goes along until it’s time to really pay the piper. When a whistleblower finally blew the whistle on Enron and yelled out the “Emperor has no clothes”, people finally listened. I wonder if that starts to happen with any sense of urgency surrounding this issue, what people will do? Probably not much. For forty years, we’ve come quite accustomed to the empereror having no clothes anyhow.

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