5 thoughts on “B. C. lawyer’s speech against discrimination is full of hate

    • In BC and probably the entire West,we have Supreme Court Justices and Lawyers who are homosexuals etc. How can we get unbiased decisions from these?Welcome to so-called neutral Secular Canada.

    • One of the History books I studied was “The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich.”
      This eye witness account was written by William L.Shirer. These are his views of Ernst Roehm and the Nazis, A tough, ruthless,driving man “albeit like so many early Nazis a homosexual “, he helped to organize the first Nazi strong arm squads. Without his help Adolf Hitler probably could never have got a real start in his campaign to incite the people to overthrow the Republic.
      This was common knowledge until so-called neutral Secularism started to rewrite Western History after 1962 when Christless Secularism became the official Western State Worldview/Religion.

      These are Adolf Hitler’s words inscribed over a gas oven in Auschwitz,” I want to raise a generation of young people devoid of a conscience, imperious ,relentless and cruel”.
      Why is Christless Democratic Secularism now doing the same in our schools,as legalized so-called human rights?

  1. Sun News’ Ezra Levant did a splendid job recently of defending Trinity Western. The school does not discriminate, it asks its students and staff to live chastely and by a Christian code of ethics. That includes both those hetero and homosexual students. Wonder if Trinity Western were a Muslim school, would it be persecuted in this manner?

  2. Today almost all BC lawyers, judges etc., abide by the covenant to the New State Sanctioned Religion/Worldview of so-called neutral Secularism, which legalizes, and then imposes it’s morality, including the normalization of homosexuality,abortion etc., to everyone starting with Kindergarteners,as so-called human rights and social justices.

    Totalitarian countries practice in brainwashing their citizens,starting in the schools, etc. All communist countries do this. They rewrite the textbooks to fit their ideology,by misrepresenting the facts. This socially engineers,(indoctrinates) the society against The Totalitarian States political opponents.

    In The Christian West we thought that schools above all ought to be engaged in the pursuit, and discussion of the truth. The so-called neutral State Sanctioned Worldview/Religion of Secularism in Government, Law and Education with it’s Politically Correct ideology has brought our Church, and Society into accepting moral decay as normal legalized behavior.

    Only righteous citizens political unity, and action can democratically correct this imposed tyranny. In 2005 Our majority of MP’s did not raise the age of sex consent. That same December the majority of our Supreme Court Of Canada Justices declared consenting 14 year old’s as adults. Our Human Rights Act made this legalized activity a human right. This made Canada a legal destination for sex trafficking predators and pedophiles,by right. From 2005-2008 enough political pressure was put on elected MP’s, by righteous politically organized Canadian voters, that in 2008 Parliament passed a Bill into law raising the age of sex consent. This put an end to the legalized sexual exploitation of Canadian youth for the moment.

    Why are Canadians so easily talked into legalizing harmful behavior? Don’t you realize that this allows predators to legally sexually exploit, and indoctrinate your children and grandchildren into unsavory acts,in schools, as legalized so-called human rights? In a democracy we cannot blame anyone, but the voting citizens political apathy.The Secular Church cannot do anything,but bring more people in to get re-educated into The New State Sanctioned Religion/Worldview. Christ’s Church teaches righteousness, and does not bring in people into it’s Secular Religious Corporations for the personal material gain of it’s charming charlatan leaders. This is not Christianity,but Nicolaitanism.

    After The Second World War,The West was still Christian of sorts. Schoolchildren started school with The Lord’s Prayer led by their teachers, and The Ten Commandments were on Government, Courtroom, Schoolroom walls, and in peoples hearts. The War Crimes Tribunal indicted Ten Nazi Leaders for the crimes against Humanity of,” Encouraging And Compelling Abortions.” The Nazis claimed they were innocent, because their Government, and Supreme Court passed over 400 laws legalizing their killing of non-persons. They also taught this in schools to children. This excuse however did not work with The Western Christian Perspective in Government,Law ,Education etc.,and they were indicted.
    Trials Of War Criminals,Nuremberg Military Tribunal,Washington,DC:U S G P O ,Volume IV page 610.

    How can most Canadian people go to or conduct Mass, and then vote for Politicians who pass Bills into laws ,which legalize Kinsey Sex Education to schoolchildren that also normalizes morbid sodomy, and the killing of babies in the warmth of their mothers wombs by classifying them as non-persons,as so-called human rights,and social justices?

    We must continue to pray without ceasing for our Traditional Family Values citizens, leaders etc.,and the others to change their minds,and save our children from being indoctrinated in schools into believing morbid behaviour is normal.

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