B.C. Catholic newspaper: We Day is a fraud

Some very good points made by Malin Jordan in the newspaper of the Archdiocese of Vancouver. 

The event’s messaging seems sound on the surface, but, when you get underneath, it isn’t sound at all and it’s not Catholic. And that’s the danger and the fraud: up front, it’s a feel-good event, but beneath, it’s saturated with inappropriate messaging.

It’s time Catholic schools distanced themselves from We Day. The speakers at these events, despite whatever talking points they offer, deliver unsuitable messages to Catholic students. (Source

Read the rest over there. We’re still waiting for anyone in the Archdiocese of Ottawa to take such a stand for the protection of our kids. 

I only disagree with Mr. Jordan on one point, that we give our money to Development and Peace instead of Free the Children. Sadly, D&P has become so cocooned and obscure that it’s difficult for Catholics in good conscience to give to them because we don’t know where our money is going. It would be an irresponsible lack of stewardship to put our money into a black hole.

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