Ayatollah Lynch

Security forces arrested a pro-reform activist and an editor on Wednesday while a provincial prosecutor warned that those causing unrest faced the death penalty. An official inquiry was launched into an attack on university students.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman urged the Iranian government on Wednesday to respect free speech and to put an end to restrictions on news coverage. International media are forbidden from leaving their offices to report. (Source)

While Iran is trying to shake off the Mullahs, our own Human Rights Ayatollah, Jennifer Lynch, wants to increase her reach:

A key concern for us is how to manage resources – our mandate and the number of organizations under our jurisdiction has expanded over the years without matching budget with expectations; then again I expect all of my colleagues also experience this. (Source)

And this one is a real doozie…

Ironically, those who are claiming that human rights commission’s jurisdiction over hate speech is “chilling” to freedom of expression, have successfully created their own reverse chill.

Reverse chill? By jove, I think that’s a good thing, if it means less people filing phony human rights complaints.  That’s climate change I can believe in!

Ayatollah Lynch must be the most despised civil servant in this country right now.  And her position deserves it, quite frankly.  She’s Canada’s official censor, and that’s what she’ll always been known for.

Give it up, Jenny.  The titantic is sinking and when its underwater, no one is going to want to stand anywhere near you.  Your allies merely tolerate you. But nobody really likes a censor…unless, of course, they are paid to do so. 

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