Awake & Alive: St. Maurice Parish Abounds With Love

This past weekend, St. Maurice parish, showed what a Faith-filled community can do when it comes together. Our recent initiative called Light A Candle of Joy! raised close to $9,000 for a fellow parishioner who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. Socon or Bust wishes to thank the modest number of Socon or Bust readers who also contributed to the pot.

Aside from the obvious benefit for this parishioner and her family, I was floored by the amazing sense of resolve, unity, and love displayed over the weekend masses. It has brought our parish together like no other event has. It was, in short, an act of God. There were many other “side stories” which came out of this wonderful event, too numerous to recount but, suffice it say, Light A Candle of Joy ended up blessing the parishioners who participated in it, as much as it did for the recipient of the parish’s generosity. This event will have ripple effects that will be felt well past this weekend.

For all of the clap-trap we hear about “social justice” and the scandalous and fraudulent waste of millions of dollars that has been blown over the past forty years by our official “social justice” agencies in the Catholic Church, this event has helped restore in me, at least, a sense of integrity and true charity in the local church’s mission. It has also taught me a rather profound truth concerning suffering: where love abounds for suffering persons, they can tolerate incredible pain, but where love is strangled, little suffering can be endured. A society that is moving towards Euthanasia is a society devoid of love. It is a society that is good for nothing, and will end up destroying itself, and hence fulfill the prophesy of Our Lord Jesus Christ who said “the meek shall inherit the earth”.

This weekend St. Maurice parish showed itself to be, once again, awake and alive in love.

I’m at war with the world and they

Try to pull me into the dark I struggle to find my faith

As I’m slippin’ from your arms

It’s getting harder to stay awake

And my strength is fading fast

You breathe into me at last.

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