Auxiliary Bishop Says Communion In the Hand is a Calvinist Novelty

Present day Communion in the Hand has no roots in the early Church. This was stressed by Auxiliary Bishop Athanasius Schneider (50) of Astana in Kazakhstan on the 19th on the radio station ‘Radio Maria Südtirol’ . Msgr Schneider is a Patristic expert.

Hand Communion was contrived “all new” from the Second Vatican Council — the Auxiliary Bishop firmly said. The antique Church had practiced a completely different form for the reception of Communion. In that period the hand in which Communion was received was purified before and after. Additionally, the faithful would take the Body of the Lord from their hand in a disposition of prayer with his tongue:

“If anything it was more of an oral reception of Communion than in the hand”.

After Communion, the communicant had to lick their hands with their tongues, so that even the smallest particle should not be lost. A Deacon supervised the purification. The Auxiliary Bishop continued: “This concern and care stands in direct opposition to indifference and carelessness with which so called Communion in the hand is dispensed.” Women never held Communion simply on the flat of the hand. They spread a white cloth, a manner of corporal over their hand. Then, they would receive Communion directly to their mouth from the linen cloth. “That is a tremendous contrast to the present form of Communion in the hand” — insisted Msgr Schneider. The ancient faithful never took Communion with their fingers: “the gesture of hand Communion was completely unknown in the Church.”

According to the Auxiliary Bishop, communion in the hand comes from the Dutch Calvinists of the 17th Century.

Calvinism denies the real presence of Christ in the Host….


This is the same bishop who recently blew the lid off of the abusive interpretations of Vatican II, even going so far as to call for a new Syllabus of Errors.

Never mind auxiliary. Make this man, Pope.  With a name like Athanasius, how can we go wrong?

Check out this amazing interview. Bishop Schneider doesn’t pull any punches when he firmly rebukes the receiving of Communion on the hand and the excuses for it as “profoundly wrong” (8:30).

4 thoughts on “Auxiliary Bishop Says Communion In the Hand is a Calvinist Novelty

  1. Amen and Alleluia…we who take Holy Communion in the mouth in my diocese are treated like convicts, criminals or lepers by most priests. And our Bishop constantly refers to the “preferred” method of receiving Eucharist–supposedly “for hygenic reasons” (in the hand). If I can’t receive on the tongue I don’t go. I took the Host once in my hand (during the SARS outbreak) in the 45 years since my First Communion, and I will never do it again.

  2. I just watched the video provided….thank you for posting this. I’d like certain Church leaders in my diocese to see this….not that they would change.

  3. The earliest Christians were the apostles and the first Eucharistic Feast was the Last Supper.
    The Gospels do not suggest that the apostles did not eat in the usual manner, i.e., using their hands to handle the bread and wine.

    This debate does not make much sense to me. We are all made in the image of God and our hands are no more or less holy than our mouths.

  4. Bad habits die hard. To me…This is all tied in to reverence of Who we are receiving. We must stop being so “casual” about God and His Supreme Sanctity and receiving the Body of the Blessed Trinity, (because that is what the Host is, not just Jesus, since the Body cannot be broken, it is always the Father God, Son-Jesus Christ, and The Holy Ghost), on ones’ tongue makes perfect sense.
    The body enters into us, and needs no middlemen (the hands to
    aid). There are so many things I could say about how wrong it feels to receive My God this way, I cannot begin.

    I was blessed to attend Maison J’eanne D’Arc Private Convent when I was a little girl, and ever since my First Communion which was indeed a very SPECIAL day.. (as was my first Confirmation…but that is another story). I still have the picture my Mother (God rest and keep her soul), took and kept in a very special place in her old cedar chest. I have never, never, NEVER
    felt comfortable and I too, think I have only received the Blessed
    Eucharist, once or twice in my hands, So much got lost…as has been said, but it can and Thank Heavens is being revived.

    I am brought to my knees much during the Mass, and again there is far too much standing. Kneeling is an act of humble submission and humility before God, and if I am not kneeling I am drawn to prostrate when I am in Adoration of The Blessed Sacrament. This is about us staying small before our God. It is no effort for me to be in these postures. In fact it feels alien and WRONG not to be.

    I also had Priests and others in the congregation treat me strange for posturing my self this way before my Lord. TOO BAD!! It is them who need some Grace, and a good dose of humility. I wonder how many people know there should not be Eucharistic Ministers helping the Priest with giving Communion a Congregation under 100 or so. I do not have the right number, probably.

    However, I heard the former (Father)
    John Corapi speak about it, during one of his talks about the Catechism teachings. I do not feel comfortable receiving the Sacred Blessed Body of Our Lord by anybody but A Priest or at least a Deacon.

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