Autonomy is a license to kill?

A comment received in another post….

“A woman’s right to bodily autonomy outweighs fetal pain because we live in a society that does not force people to use their bodies to support others — not their organs, not their bone marrow, not their blood, not their skin. We do not force people to sacrifice parts of their bodies to save others not because we don’t care about a patient’s pain, but because we recognize that bodily autonomy is an essential part of a functioning free society. To suggest that we ignore that and make an exception when it comes to forcing pregnant women carry a pregnancy to term suggests that we force pregnant women to submit to a violation of their rights that we impose on no one else.”

Actually, that is not true. You can be charged for failing to provide the necessities of life to a child, if you are a parent. That law applies to children as well as to the elderly.

You simply do not know what you are talking about.

And, cutting through your pseudo-argument, what we’re really talking about is justifying promiscuity and selfishness, and refusing to take responsibility for one’s actions. I’ve never met a Leftist who had a healthy understanding of adult responsibility or a healthy idea of what self-sacrifice was.

You have no problem defending your supposed right to “autonomy” but refuse to accept that your “autonomy” ends when another person needs to die for its realization.  Your pseudo “autonomy” ends when it encroaches on another’s right to life.

What kind of “freedom” demands the death of another human being, even the most defenseless, to achieve its fulfillment?

That’s not true autonomy or freedom.  That’s simply license.  I wonder if Leftists even know or care about the difference between the two?  It’s also a veiled totalitarianism which masks itself as freedom and asserts its will over other classes of humans, demoting them to something as beneath human.  We’ve seen that before in human history, and the same judgement that was pronounced against those thugs of history is the same pronouncement that’s coming against the pro-abort rhertoriticians of this age.

Authentic freedom will never take the life of another person to assert itself.  On the contrary, true freedom finds its highest calling in sacrificial love because it is ordered to that end and is not an end in itself.

One thought on “Autonomy is a license to kill?

  1. A woman’s right to control her body is not a license to kill.

    We also don’t force human beings to die. What’s worse? Forcing a woman to carry a pregnancy or forcing a human being to die? Obviously, forcing a human being to die. Pregnancy is temporary, death is permanent.

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