“Attacking Richard Gaillardetz: What Exactly is the Goal Here?”

The Internet’s self-appointed defenders of orthodoxy have recently caused a great stir about the fact that Dr. Richard Gaillardetz will be addressing the Canadian bishops at their upcoming plenary assembly.

The suggestion is that Gaillardetz is a dissenting theologian and, as such, should not be permitted to address the bishops.  His critics point to his published work related especially to the questions of women’s ordination and the role of conscience in the decision to use or not use artificial contraception.  (They are also furious about his support of Barack Obama.)…read the rest of the article and subsequent discussion here.

Where there is a vacuum in orthodoxy, it will be filled.  If the bishops refuse to do it, life still goes on and the children still must be fed real food instead of garbage.

If Dad won’t feed the children real food, some of the more responsible kids will.

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