2 thoughts on “Atheism Can’t Hold Its Adherents

  1. Government and The Church should be promoting positive social values like those in The Lord’s Prayer,and The Ten Commandments, rather than negative ones that kill babies in the warmth of their mothers wombs,and normalize atheism from Kindergarten through University,as a so-called legalized human rights. When Professor’s Landers etc., were organizing righteous students and citizens the majority of clergy could not be reached to help us! Their secretaries said they were too busy with other more important business. This is probably what the clergy of Sodom and Gomorrah said, and the laity that followed them. Rotten clergy can be straightened out just like their political counter parts,if your Leader is Christ.

    Many of the students who helped us politically between 2005-8, to change rotten 2005 Parliamentary, and Supreme Court Of Canada Law were not agnostics,but refused to go to Church because of politically apathetic ,and indifferent clergy. They said if the majority of clergy, and laity would not help us politically, in this Culture War for the minds and souls of Canadian schoolchildren, then we will be Church. These young people are Christians,as Church in The New Testament referred to parties of believers, not edifices. As some of you may remember we confronted our elected MP’s to change rotten 2005 law that made Canada a legal destination for sex trafficking predators, and pedophiles, by human right. We succeeded in 2008 when The majority of MP’s in Parliament passed a Bill into Law to raise the age of sex consent. This put an end to legalized sexual exploitation of Canadian youth for the moment. If the majority of our politically apathetic and indifferent don’t get it now,will they ever? Be careful what you are talked into legalizing,as it becomes a human right normalized to schoolchildren!

    Murder is wrong not simply because you object to it, but because it violates the Moral Law. All moral positions impose values. Even the moral position that you should not impose values on others does just that, it imposes values on others. For if we are not to restrain people legally from doing wrong, then we impose on others the effects of the wrongdoing.

    In the case of abortion, the effects are felt by the baby, as shown in the films,” Silent Scream,” and “Eclipse Of Reason,” in some cases by the father, and by the mother who is often indoctrinated,coerced, misled and must suffer the emotional and physical consequences for the rest of her life.

    The effects are also felt by innocent people who are victims of crime spawned by our nation’s blatant disrespect for life. Any Democratic Culture that allows the dismemberment of babies who are supposed to be safe in the warmth of their mothers wombs, is capable of doing even more merciless crimes against humanity.

    Don’t forget that during, and a couple of decades after the Second World War the majority of The West was Christian of sorts, in Government, Law and Education. Schoolchildren started their mornings with The Lord’s Prayer led by their teachers. The Ten Commandments were on Government, Courtroom,Schoolroom Walls, and in peoples hearts.

    In the guise of separation of Church and State Western citizens allowed the so-called Civil Liberties Associations Lawyers,Judges,Politicians etc., to Separate Christianity from our Culture, and replace it with the new State Sanctioned Worldview/Religion of so-called “neutral” Secularism. Which imposes it’s morality and justice by force. Pro-life people are jailed for their views. As criminality increases a never ending supply of money is directed into secular lawyers etc., pockets.

    At The Nuremberg War Crimes Trials after The Second World War Ten Nazi leaders were indicted for, ” compelling and encouraging Abortions, as Crimes Against Humanity.”
    ” Trials of War Criminals,” Nuremberg Military Tribunal, Washington DC:USGPO, VOL. IV, page 610.
    The consequences of our Democratic Western Culture‚Äôs worldview shift are everywhere. Remember that The Nazi Supreme Court passed over 400 laws to legalize their atrocities too. When The Benevolent Christian Worldview is taken out of Government, Law and Education by a Democratic society only Paganism remains. Politicians pass Bills into law that everyone has to live by as human rights,even Kindergarteners. A Secular clergy attracts a secular laity. Atheism needs a real political enemy in our Western schools and society,because in our democracy our laws are passed by Bills passed by politicians we elect to rule us. A secular church is the church of Sodom and Gomorrah,don’t you think?
    Politics is overwhelmingly important for democratic citizens to control. It sould not to be handed over to evil and incompetent . A strong moral Church is what is needed,not a secular one.

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