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  1. Thank you so much for posting this Blessed, beautiful , beautiful video.
    God Bless Bishop Athanasius Schneider.
    A sweet aside concerning this Godly man, when we were asked to pray for someone that was in the running for the next Pope, I was given his name and I was delighted to read up on him, and his awesome
    dedication to the Truth without compromise. He is so delightful as well to listen to and behold.
    Thank You God for giving us this man and a huge portion of Your Loving and Awesome, consoling Hope
    spoken with such love and condor while presenting Truth (Your Son Jesus Christ)with no compromise regarding His Beloved and immutable teachings on Faith and morals concerning what You said, period , and His oh so apparent , real love and devotion and dedication to You Lord Jesus Christ Holy Mother Church in the midst of the darkness, that tries to come against You and ALL that IS YOU.
    The gates of Hell will never prevail…so as was said…give it a shot, and just watch, when we have Holy real men like this real servant of God doing battle, all you spread heresy and hate what IS , because HE said SO. He gives us men like this to do battle. So…just keep trying…all you unbelievers and those who have made themselves their own gods, making idols of themselves.
    WE HAVE…The ONLY ONE TRUE GOD, and The One True Faith and the only way to Salvation, and NO one but NO ONE can ever prevail against The True Catholic Church. We have…
    The Blessed Holy Trinity of Father God and Son Jesus Christ and Holy Ghost and through the Intercession of Our Blessed and Beloved Virgin , Mother and Queen in Heaven as well as with the help of ood and sublime St. Joseph to protect Holy Mother Church and Jesus and Mary and also with the Intercession and help of glorious St. Michael, and All the Saints and Angels…so….just try

  2. Bishop Athanasius Schneider makes the same error as John Vennari and Louie Verrechio

    Bishop Athanasius Schneider makes the same error as John Vennari and Louie Verrechio in the video above.
    Bishop Schneider has called for a Syllabus of Errors on Vatican Council II.He is not aware that there can be two ways of interpreting UR 3, for example, and the rest of Vatican Council II.
    He assumes UR 3 refers to known cases in the present times who are a break with Tradition.The visible- dead.
    For me UR 3 refers to a possibility known only to God.It is a hypothethical case. So it is not an exception to Tradition ( extra ecclesiam nulla salus, Catechism of Pope Pius X etc).
    He uses an irrational premise, as do John Vennari and Louie Verrechio, in the interpretation of UR 3 ( and also NA 2,LG 16, LG 8 etc).
    I do not add a premise in the interpretation of UR 3, NA 2, LG 16,LG 8 etc.
    So for me Vatican Council II is not a break with extra ecclesiam nulla salus and the traditional teaching on other religions and Christian communities.
    Bishop Schneider’s interpretation of Vatican Council II is heretical, non traditional and irrational. He is not aware that the premise he uses , comes from the Letter of the Holy Office 1949 which is responsible for all this confusion.
    According to Ad Gentes 7 all need ‘faith and baptism’ for salvation.All signifies there are no know exceptions in 2014. There are no known exceptions mentioned in Vatican Council II. LG 16,UR 3 cannot be an exception since humanly we cannot see people who are now in Heaven.
    Ad Gentes 7 is saying all Jews, Muslims and other non Catholics are on the way to Hell since they do not have Catholic Faith and the baptism of water. It is saying that the Prophet Mohammad needed faith and baptism for salvation.He did not have it.
    If liberals wrongly say that only those who know about Jesus and the Church and yet do not enter are damned (LG 14) (and imply that we can know these cases in 2014 for them to be exceptions) then it must be noted that the Quran indicates that the Prophet Mohammed knew about Jesus and the Church and yet chose to found another religion.In this religion they take his name when they pray and circle a big stone believing their sins are forgiven.
    Ad Gentes 7 indicates, all the members of the B’Nai Brith are on the way to Hell without faith and baptism. They are educated and are aware of Jesus and the Church and yet do not enter.
    Most people do not have faith and baptism at the time of death. Jesus says the way to Heaven is narrow and the way to Hell is wide and most people take it. Most people die without the baptism of water( John 3:5, Mk.16:16), without the Sacrament of Confession and with mortal sin on their soul.
    This is the official teaching of the Catholic Church in Vatican Council II and after Vatican Council II and it is not just a personal opinion. I am quoting you Church text in Vatican Council II which affirms Tradition and which is still ignored by Bishop Athanasius Schnieder, John Vennari and Louie Verrecchio.-Lionel Andrades

    No one from the SSPX to defend John Vennari and Louie Verrecchio

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