Assisted-suicide’s logical next step

Some surprising lucidity from the mainstream media. Andrew Coyne writes in the National Post :

That is the implication of erasing the line between suicide and assisted suicide. When we say the former right is of “no use” to certain people, we are saying the mere absence of legal restraint is insufficient. We are not merely upholding their freedom to choose that option. We are saying that option should in fact be made available to them. We are not just establishing a right to what was previously forbidden: we are changing how we think of the act itself — of suicide, from a tragedy to a benefit, a release from suffering; of assisting suicide, from a crime into a service. We are asserting that helping people in pain to end their lives — killing them, to be more direct —  is a positive good, which it is the state’s obligation not merely to tolerate, but to facilitate.


Everyone is obliged to cooperate in the crime of assisted suicide, either by paying for it or by referring a patient to another doctor who will do it.

Funny, it used to be the progressives who would accuse conservatives of imposing their values on others. Now look who has egg on their face.

One thought on “Assisted-suicide’s logical next step

  1. Legalized Euthanasia Sets Precedents For Even More Killing.

    Our Doctors were healers in Christian Canada ,and Western Civilization,not so-called “neutral” Secular Pagan Western Democratic killers. Emperor Constantine of Rome converted to Christianity from Paganism, because of the values and actions of Christians about the year 307.This ended Christian Persecution,and killing for sport by decree in Pagan Rome.Finally all Western Civilization became Christian,because of the benevolent values of Christianity in Government,Law and Education,compared with Pagan Values.
    My Canadian,and Western contemporaries started every school morning with The Lord’s Prayer,led by their school teachers,because our society politically kept the West more righteous,than Pagan Civilizations.
    Starting in 1962 this all changed,because Western Democratic Society was talked into politically and legally replacing Christianity with so-called “neutral” Secular Paganism,as their State sanctioned Worldview/Religion in Government ,Law ,Education Establishments,and The Popular Media etc.Now all sorts of morbid acts started to be legalized, in the so-called “neutral” Secular Pagan Western Democratic Civilization.These set ever more evil precedents in so-called “neutral” Secular Pagan Government, Law,Education, and now normalized by adult Secular School Teachers and homosexual etc.,Secular Activists to innocent,impressionable school children from Kindergarten to University,as so-called Human Rights.Legalized Euthanasia thus sets precedents for yet more killing.

    In a Democracy a righteous public can decide to rid itself of enforced Secular Pagan Tyranny,if it so politically desires.Politics is the reflection of Western democratic society.What is legal is moral, is the slogan that has justified all sorts of evil throughout history.

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