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  1. John you and your family are prayed for daily. This helps me when evil comes for me and mine. Both of the Dr. Landers taught me to study this before and remember it during every onslaught. Joshua 5:13 While Joshua was near Jericho he saw a Great Knight in dazzling array facing him, drawn sword in his hand. Joshua asked ,” Are you one of us or of our enemies?” He replied,” Neither. I AM THE CAPTAIN OF THE HOST OF THE LORD AND I HAVE JUST ARRIVED.”
    Blessings John.

  2. Dear John,
    I will pray for you as I can understand what it is like, in my own way because of the ongoing nightmare here perpetrated by sheer servants of the devil who have only in mind to ruin and slander by pure hate-filled and inspired lies and resentment because both people involved were told the Truth about life and reacted the way their evil spirits lead them totally with the evil slander and hateful, scandalous, pure detraction, and
    calumny that this condo “president” is continuing in the building where we live inviting others to join in the fire with their own wrongful misunderstood take of the Truth, and sheer ignorant and zealful love of hate and trouble and unjust evil she thrives on in any attempt to hurt those who will not play her tyrannical game on innocent people who have had their response removed time and time again off the outside of the board which merely mentions the fact NOONE should be slandered in public by such hateful pure evil accusation, period and ESPECIALLY without having had a chance to respond and especially since it is total lies and evil fabrication, and sheer vengeance based on
    some one playing a race card and joining with some militant tyrannical power mad and controlling totally dishonest and without conscience caricature of a condo president (whose job is supposed to be one of leadership with the protection of the owners investments and their persons as their main responsibility). but Instead she has abused all of that and cannot stand to be confronted with it. She is a servant of the enemy and seeks with the same spirit he does to set out and ruin anyone she can and this has become very obvious since she seeks by the sheer the evil speed that is talk spread with out substantive proof, the ever growing malicious winds spread by rumour alone, along with the already hatefilled intentions of her and this woman with what ever means they can to cause hurt and slander to those the get great evil pleasure maligning and committing calumny against.with her fanning the flame, with the the totally false posting she has locked behind her glass inclosed in the main public walkways of the condo building. with the evil hopes and intentions that she specializes in she can continue to stoke and fan with the present demonic fire , she has begun and she pats herself on the back about and puffs herself the ever more with in her pride as she sleeps like a baby when she is right at home in her favored domain of doing whatever she can to attempt by sheer lies and hate inspired action , and and sheer falsification to ruin and destroy the lives of those this president and her equally malevolent co-conspirators cannot stand…simply because they
    speak Truth about Life as well as what she and her “friends” are doing behind closed doors and in the dark with other peoples’ money and property and reputations. She has tried to destroy many and someday…she will answer to Jesus for having made these choices and how she chose evil over and over over Life and the love of others, the way God commanded. She will give an answer for every life she set out to ruin and I wonder just what she will say?
    Evil is what she specializes in , it cannot be called anything other than what it is. is and it” “live” spelt backwards. The devil is always the ugly opposite of the good.

    God Be with you John and family please pray for us too,

      • Southern Quebec : The reason one hates this is that whether iw was about me or not? what I am writing about is wrong period.Some may say to you who do not reveal your identity, why ? Its o.k. though, God knows who you are and that is enough.Good try, some may say to those who tried to start a fire storm and to attempt to get off the hook for a libel suit, or to ruin reputations of those who spoke with police about dates involved. JUST FOR THE RECORD the troublemakers who were referred to in my email have bad “attitude” and tried with all their might to start a fight and even and especially to try to get the one person who told her to stop her provocative manner to go up to her so she could probably say he hit her or again some other allegation that is evil inspired, and that is all that is on the video without the sound. At any rate its still wrong whomever it is intended for and the motives in the hearts of those involved are inspired by wrongdoing,trying to justify and cover with lies and to again attempt to stir up hatred, strife, division and to make for people, to be doubtful, suspicious, and to make other owners and those visiting said building afraid . It affects a whole environment where all people should feel safe and welcome. ALL THAT to be intended only comes from one place HELL. AND JUST FOR THE RECORD, whoever gets their evil demented kicks by such cowardly and controlling means , such as placing such firestorm stirring allegation behind a locked glass compartment and attempts to constantly remove posters claiming the that she should not be doing this without proof and for the reasons mentioned speaks volumes and some people, may want to note that God sees and HEARS everything and knows the TRUTH about it and as Father Tony said today remember Our Blessed Lord said”Vengeance is Mine” So… we shall leave it up to HIm . Again relating to your quote “this was not about you … ”
        Whatever that means… I would defend anyone who has been maligned with sheer vitriolic hatred that is based on calumny, slander and detraction and attempt to begin a fire storm of suspicion, hated and division let alone the fact that whoever is collaborating with such sheer malice that has not been backed up with proof and the person perpetrating said evil has tried to control her lies by locking them behind a glass enclosed wall. There is and was no proof that any such person was slandered about their racial color,nor had “racial color insults hurled at them” Just what evil is this person attempting to stir up and they should be reminded before they attempt to stir up more, an atmosphere of hatred and ruin some innocent peoples’ reputation that ,again the onus of “proof” is on the person(s) making such serious and libelous claims as well as those who collaborate to build a MOUNTAIN OF SUCH CALUMNY. THERE IS NO PROOF, WHICH MEANS anyone THEN COULD CLAIM SUCH HATE INSPIRED LIES THAT CAN ONLY HAVE EVIL MOTIVES BEHIND THEM TO HURT INNOCENT PEOPLE …AND guess what? nowhere should anyone post such a totally strife inspiring notice that she made sure could not be removed , when they have not checked with those this person and her “witness and the “board” have inferred and accused until they not only have gotten the accused side of the story but they also get a chance to post a response to such serious accusations and/or rebuttal and allow others to see it,
        in the same public walkways and places alongside the poster accusing such non substantiated actions. Some people may want to read THE CRIMINAL CODE of Canada ABOUT WHAT CONSTITUTES LIBEL, SLANDER, CALUMNY AND DETRACTION AND THE ACTION OF POSTING SUCH “allegations” in a public place where the evil doers on the “board” know people will see it and to which they have “invited others to join them with their accusations (unfounded ?) and as their poster says” describe the so called , but real scapegoats of this ill willed and ill intentioned poster.
        Finally, and way more to the point, please listen!!!
        Is it not enough that Russia has invaded Ukraine and a huge war is looming, that people have to begin their own wars and try to start wars based on innuendo that is not proven, and in places where they ALL reside where they should instead try to build an atmosphere of some semblance of love(broken may it be, because we are all sinners and in need of Gods Grace..but we can try the best we can in our own way), safety, peace
        and some harmony
        respecting others equal dignity where all will feel welcome and respected and at the same time to try to remember, (especially when we are tired and in need of a shoulder to lay our head upon, and even may be suffering discouragement ) to try to understand that we all have our own personal battles we are struggling with, and try to be supportive instead. If we try to remember that everyone is going through their own struggles as well and has personal boundaries and that when we wrong them we confess and if we can apologize and or at least try to amend our behavior when we again see them to let them know it is not them but our own personal brokenness at times
        that we lash out from and that people must stop playing “cards” also be it the race, French, Native, Feminist etc, and just try to get over the deep bitter resentment that drives them internally and come to the point and realize that really as God says nothing really has the power to “make” us act in any such wrong way but what is already in our own hearts. He says nothing outside of us has the power to defile us. We must then look into our own broken hearts and have the courage yet knowledge that God will help us get it healed , and that we are all on the same boat growing in the areas we need to grown in if we only let HIm,… it and move on being grateful and trying to get along. Time is running out for each of us.

        Lord Have Mercy! and God Bless each and everyone of Your children to know You love them passionately and want the best for each and everyone one which is for them to know the Good News about Your Infinite Mercy and Love and for each person and for them to know Your Will for them now and for Eternity.
        Whoever it is I still will always pray for you, and that includes you to Southern Quebec whoever you are, cause that is what I do and that is what I hope we all begin to do in Good Will. Hail Mary, Our Father, Glory Be

        • Paycheck posted that he has something terrible (life threatening) going on in his life, yet you only can think of yourself and CondoLady. How Christian….

          • See you are the same nasty piece of work you have always been SQ. How dare you try to stir up whatever strife you can, and trying to twist this into something.. anything you can so you can rear your ugly stirring up of strife.
            When you were not doing it with “Paycheck” you look elsewhere. I happen to know Paycheck being a real Catholic Christian also would empathize with what we go through , as well , and does not mind me asking him to pray for us as well. That is what he does as well. Why do you not let him answer for himself,you. troublemaker, He is not not like you who only seeks to divide and iis not happy unless you think you cause some strife. How very sad. You would not understand that the Body Of Christ shares with one another and suffers together, through blog sharing and otherwise and in prayer and in the Eucharist. Instead you try to use whatever means you can, and in this case… this nasty excuse for you to try to bring strife and attempt to cause discord amongst the Brethren. Better watch that one SQ and see what God says about that. It is obvious you are the same evil intentioned character you were day after day, when you posted
            your nasty hateful comments before on Paycheck’s blog, which were your ideas and “contributions”with the very intent , again… to stir up trouble. You cannot stand people praying and sharing in one anothers’ pain, because you are so often the instigator of it when you think you can, and will try to enter in when you see ANY opportunity with the same attitude in hopes of getting attention, any attention even through strife mongering . Yet because you are steeped in pride and are so full of YOURSELF, you will not look at your own heart, and go to Confession You never have anything kind to offer, pure malice laced insertions meant as I said before to draw any attention to your self and how much you hate what is Good and Godly. You are cowardly and hide behind a picture of a dog, which you probably treat better than humans how sad, spewing out your bitter sarcastic stupid comments that never build up or encourage or are kind. How bitter you are. That is why we pray for you SQ
            As if you care about Paycheck. You are a hater of Christian and Catholic people and all that is beautiful but as I said you cannot stand to face the truth about your bitter ugly countenance that makes you a real piece of work, so you practice this twisting of trying to turn what Paycheck said to your advantage to be continue your nasty tirade.. ST. jOSEPH YOU KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH THIS. COME ST MICHEAL. Tell me are you involved directly or indirectly with contraception, abortion Development and Peace or the false apparitions at Medjugorje? Or maybe all of them. Finally SQ, as you much as you try You cannot divide true Catholic friends and the True Body of Church and the gates of hell shall not stand against IT. Time is running… SQ if I were you I would start pondering on the fact that you will also die one day just like all of us and then judgement, and every word you uttered and actions you “Chose” to partake in will be revealed as will the persons you did it to., because guess what SQ, you did it to HIM. The other reason you will never divide any true Catholic Christians no matter how you try is because as much as you dislike to hear this we do something you may want to try someday, we FORGIVE one another, (just as Jesus says we should) I repeat SQ e God says we need to forgive onne another in HIs Name and through the Sacrtamenrt of Reconcilliation and from a contrite heart and continue to forgive , get on with the business of living, and praying and trying to be what Jesus says to Be, maybe you may want to try it someday and you will actually have something kind and loving to offer instead of your usual snide pathetic hate filled comments that are rooted in pride.You will answer to Him to SQ as much as you do not want to admit it . Tell me what will you say?

  3. JMJ


    God bless you for your work.

    God is good and we know that you will accept his Holy Will.

    The Howard Family

  4. The Secular Moralists, many of whom are masquerading as Christians have destroyed many careers, and families, with their version of justice and love; Dr.Chris Kempling and his family are slandered by these to this very day, and they tried to do the same to Professor Tom Landers, and his wife Molly, but The Landers were too wise and intelligent for them, as they proved to everyone exactly what these evil people actually are without a shadow of a doubt. The secular moralists are too cowardly to go after the Tom’s and Molly’s of the world. May our God bless you and yours John, even though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, our Lord walks with us, as He did with Saint Stephen.

  5. Am also praying for you & your family. I believe Lent is a time of testing for the Christian, but we need to remember God is in control.

  6. Thank you all for you concern and prayers. See my update. Don’t want to cause anyone too much concern but prayers are always appreciated.

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