Arrivederci Aggiornamento

Story here.

+Prendergast: “One may not dissent from these core teachings on life issues and be considered a Catholic in good standing.”

Justin’s Response:  ““I had an extraordinary example in a father who had deeply, deeply held personal views that were informed by the fact that he went to church every Sunday, read the Bible regularly to us, and raised us very, very religious, very Catholic.”

What did I tell you, folks?

Here’s something else Justin could have added:

“I’ll tell you that as a faithful and ‘very, very religious Catholic’ man, I will be at Mass this Sunday receiving the Holy Eucharist, and no one in the Church will do anything about it.  Not only is abortion and sodomy a human right, so is a pro-abort politician receiving the Eucharist.  It’s a human right for all Catholics.”

Remember what I said.  Letters of “concern”, a little bit of condemnation, some clarification will come from the Bishops, including the obligatory CCCB letter which will likely also be issued.  Very tame and as a clarifying measure to these politicians.

But, in no way will you see any sort of measured response to this sacrilege.

Bizness as usual because getting along is more important than counting rosary beads.

But, as the good professor says:

“The days of socially acceptable Christianity are over, the days of comfortable Catholicism are past,” began Prof. George. “It is no longer easy to be a faithful Christian, a good Catholic, an authentic witness to the truths of the Gospel. A price is demanded and must be paid,” he said.

Indeed.  If the bishops want to stay faithful to Christ, the payment will have to be made soon enough.  Whether they choose to pay now or later, it doesn’t matter.  The bill’s in the mail and penalties are coming whether they want to acknowledge it or not.  The only wonderment for this blogger is the incredible blindness that has permeated their sight these past 50 years…that they would not expel the pro-abort from their midst now….instead of it being a moot point later on…when history will judge them….just like it judged their predecessors who failed to act on the sexual abuse crisis.

The days of aggiornamento are over.

The good news is that maybe after they get roughed up a bit, they’ll remember the Winnipeg Statement.

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