Arriaga’s “solidarity visit to Canada” has been cancelled

Comrades!  Churchmen!  Fellow Taliban Catholic soldiers! Lend me your eyes and your hearts!  I have some wonderful news!

On Friday of last week, Development & Peace’s executive director, Michael Casey, issued a letter to supporters and members announcing the cancellation of Fr. Arriaga’s “solidarity visit” to Canada.  Check it out:

It is with great disappointment that I am writing to inform you of the cancellation of the Share Lent solidarity visit to Canada of Fr. Luis Arriaga, S.J., Executive Director of our long‐standing partner Centre PRODH in Mexico, and Assessor member of the Mexican Bishops Social Affairs Commission.

The planned visit of Father Arriaga to meet with our members has provoked controversy in the Archdiocese of Ottawa to the extent that the purpose and mission of the visit has now become compromised.

< Omitted Propaganda > 

We express our sincere apologies to the many people who had planned to come listen to Father Arriaga and learn about the inspiring work of fellow Catholics in Mexico, and to our dedicated members in the Archdiocese of Ottawa and the Diocese of Alexandria‐Cornwall who worked diligently to organize this visit.

Socon or Bust is very proud to have played a part in scuttling this “solidarity tour”. 

Like all progressive organizations, D&P has a very selective idea of what constitutes “solidarity”.  It applies to some at the expense of others.  They have “solidarity with the poor and persecuted” outside of the womb (and even then, they use methods and tactics which are at variance with Catholic teaching), but have no such solidarity or recognition of the rights of the unborn child.   In fact, as it has been very clear from the activities of Fr. Arriaga’s organization, D&P partners use the leverage which the anti-life forces provide them in order to advance their skewed notions of human rights.  That picture of Fr. Arriaga and his bright shining green tie with the director of Catholics for the Right to Decide said it all:  “Justice for some at the expense of others.”  It’s proportionalism, plain and simple. Catholicism is not about justice for some. It’s about justice for all.  And Catholics don’t seek justice for some by trampling on the rights due to others (even the most defenseless of God’s creatures).  Development & Peace chokes on the gnat to swallow the social justice camel.

We’ve all heard the term “heretic”.  The very notion of a heretic is someone who departs from the Catholic faith on one fundamental point.  It’s also indicative of someone who refuses to accept Catholicism in its entirety.   The devil is always trying to shake Catholics to the “Right” or to the “Left”, hoping to get us to renounce or omit a fundamental truth.  Catholicism, at its core, is, by definition, right in the middle.

A couple of other points, for your consideration, dear reader. 

Casey says that Fr. Arriaga sits on the Mexican Bishops “Social Affairs Commission”.  If Archbishop Prendergast is going to talk to the Mexican bishops, he should start with this Commission.  But before he does so, he should be prepared to acknowledge that their views are likely the same as Fr. Arriaga’s.  We are hardly dealing with an isolated example of one priest who rejects Catholic teaching.  Our good Archbishop might as well spend his time planning a complete overhaul of the Catholic “social justice world” – because that is really what is required.

Secondly, from the last paragraph, we also learn that Fr. Arriaga was heading to the Diocese of Alexandria‐Cornwall after his appearances here in Ottawa.  Makes sense, although hardly surprising.

But all of those plans have now changed.  The D&P Gravy train didn’t provide the gravy this time for you, Fr. Arriaga.   Repent and believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


2 thoughts on “Arriaga’s “solidarity visit to Canada” has been cancelled

  1. Pacheco & Steve: CONGRATULATIONS! and keep up the good work! The Church needs you more than ever these days. We don’t agree on every issue, but NO ONE can doubt your sincerity and devotion to the pro-life cause. Thank you very much for all that you do and accomplish.

    Fr. Tim Moyle
    Where the Rubber Hits the Road

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