4 thoughts on “Arlington Diocese Issues fidelity oath; a growing trend across Catholic diocese

  1. Some people who have autistic children might take offense of the use of the word “retArded”. Just sayin’…

    But then, I am usually politically correct.

  2. “Retarded” has nothing to do with the person in my blog entry above. It has to do with the *situation* of teachers refusing to take an oath of what they are supposed to believe anyway.

  3. Good for the Arlington diocese! I want very much that the Oath of Fidelity be publicly made on Sunday Mass in front of the faithful by every teacher that teaches in every so-called ‘parish school’. I further want a public promise that they will not willingly or knowingly teach anything contrary to the authentic Magisterial teaching of the Catholic Church concerning faith or morals. I want each teacher and principal to be held accountable to such an oath and promise, with real consequences for obstinately teaching the contrary. You know, a verbal warning on 1st offense, a written warning on the 2nd, suspension on the 3rd, etc., and finally termination. Of course what I want as a parish priest counts for absolutely nothing in the government run Ontario ‘Catholic’ schools. OECTA would never go for it, either. But boy would I like the Ontario Bishops to insist on it so that more and more people would come to see the reality of the schools when OECTA protests! What we really have in the schools is adherence to the Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy and Bill 13 of the government, and there will be real consequences for any teacher not complying with the government’s worldview come next September. Parents, please do whatever you can to homeschool your children. Do not let the government indoctrinate them. Do this while you still can!

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