Argentina’s Economy Is Cratering, Again

How’s that socialism workin’ for ya?

I think the Holy Father really needs to spend some more time on telling us why he rejects Socialism (which he has said).  His own country is a perfect example of what happens when socialism raises its ugly head.   Do not people suffer under Socialism, too?  Or is it just the bad rich guy that causes all the misery?  The Capitalist might be greedy, but the Socialist is jealous.  Both foundations are doomed to failure, and yet Pope Francis’s smackdowns have been largely reserved for the greedy and not the jealous (and slothful, by the way).  I think we need a bit more balance in the condemnations, in my humble opinion, so as to not give the impression that the Catholic Church is some Socialist shill.  The more one talks about the evils of Capitalism, the more people assume you are a Socialist. T he real estate that you cover is the real estate that you own.  It’s time for the Pope to talk about the evils of Socialism and he has some pretty good first-hand knowledge, coming from Argentina.

The Church rightly rejects Capitalism (understood without Christian ideals) and Socialism.  But it is NOT ENOUGH even to condemn both.  I think it’s time that the Church step up and articulate a more robust vision of the Economy based on the dignity of the human person with two simple principles:

1) The moral necessity of the rich to help the poor.

2) The acknowledgement that talented people have a right to the fruit of their labour without State-sanctioned theft.

3 thoughts on “Argentina’s Economy Is Cratering, Again

  1. The whole economy is driven by two things: greed and envy. The rich are tempted to greed, the poor to envy. A spirit of detachment from monetary things is what is required.

  2. We all have to look after our families, and pay the bills. If we prove the Secular Moralist Rulers to be despots,then we are let go from employment, our families insulted and homes ruined by enforced Secular Justice and morality, because they have changed our nations laws politically. Just ask Dr. Chris Kempling and his family.
    When Secular Moralists and their Political Priests have 50% + 1 of public approval, then voters are responsible for our society’s free fall. This includes those sitting in the pews, and the Sophists they are listening too everyday. The West used to have a Christian worldview in Government, Law and education, which considered Traditional Family Values the best for our country. Our citizens understood the consequences of taking The Ten Commandments, and The Lord’s Prayer out of our lifestyle. Lots of people came from nations where despotic worldviews claiming to help society; but actually did the opposite. Objective thinkers can see why from 1962, Secular Moralists united with fellow believers in our Popular Media(CBC,etc.) Education Establishments, Government, and The Supreme Court declared State prayer unconstitutional. In the guise of separation of Church and State they separated The our Christian worldview from even innocent schoolchildren, and replaced it with morbid Secular Morality. It is all Political, as the elected politicians pass Bills into Laws that everyone is forced to live by;even innocent impressionable schoolchildren, by now legalized perversion as a human right and social justice. Whole generations are now Socially Engineered through schools,and the popular media etc. to normalize morbid secular morality. Politics is overwhelming important.
    Please don’t remain A.W.O.L. in this Culture War for the minds and souls of our future generations. You are responsible for this in our democracy. Unite Politically, and win back our nation from this despotic secular justice and morality.We need your help to we reach the 50%+1 or more. This is what the sophists ought to be preaching, but they say what the ones allowing them to pay their bill or else sack them want them to say. Don’t you think this tyranny ought to be politically stopped by our voting public?

  3. My parents lived through Cuban socialism. Everything you said is absolutely true. My grandfather was a successful businessman before the communists came. After that, his properties were expropriated and he became merely an employee. The properties eventually decayed into ruin with no upkeep.

    Those who rightly decry the plight of the poor and advocate for socialism just don’t get it. Socialism levels everybody down, not up. Yes, the abject poor may do a little better, but the middle class and the rich are destroyed (except for members of the Communist Party, who do very well thank you). You end up with many, many more poor people than you started with.

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