Are you doing too much for your kids?

Another great piece from the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada.

What if the very things you did to give your child a leg up could actually hurt their chances for success? What if too much of a good thing – lessons, toys, even choices – had the opposite effect, putting your child at a disadvantage?

Family counselor and best-selling author Kim John Payne, M.Ed., says this is exactly what’s happening in modern parenting.  Some children, as a result, are nudged toward anxiety disorders, ADHD or bullying.

Every parent hopes to unleash their child’s boundless potential. They buy heaps of toys and books whilst signing their child up for classes to maximize learning, enrichment and experiences. Yet before long, parents are providing so much stimulation that it interferes with their child’s development, thwarts their child’s concentration, blocks their creativity, drains their resilience and even rattles their sense of security.

Go read the rest over there.

One thought on “Are you doing too much for your kids?

  1. Are Parents doing to much for their kid’s,and what about grandparents? Do you call being politically apathetic and indifferent doing too much for kid’s in our Secular Pagan democracies? Kid’s are traumatized in Government ,and Private schools by so-called “neutral”Secular Sex Education by adult school teachers and homosexual,transgendered etc., activists as “neutral” Secular human rights.The Laws passed by Secular Politicians, and Homosexual judges are perverting Western Civilization.This includes the majority of so-called Christian Education Establishments run by so-called Catholic and Protestant Scholars. Perverting children from Kindergarten through University in the moral, and legal tenets of Secular Paganism is doing the most irreparable harm of all.If we don’t help the kids young, or old when Criminal Secular Paganism tells them to do the Diabolical, as legal so-called Secular Pagan human rights, or they can’t or feed their families,then you are worse than the Seculars.At least the Seculars Politically get the laws they desire through the democratic process,as Catholic scholars and those of The Protestant Cults argue about the attributes of Mother Mary.

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