Are you being challenged?

Jesus’ teaching was very challenging to his contemporaries. We seem to have lost that in our churches.

Liberal Catholics don’t realize that their teaching is self-destructive because it makes their church irrelevant. If everybody gets saved, if sin doesn’t exist, if Catholic teaching is optional, then why should I even bother going to Mass? Why bother living any aspect of my life in a Christian manner? What’s the point of church?

2 thoughts on “Are you being challenged?

  1. I agree with this. It would have been further interesting to hear what Mr. Voris would recommend a parishioner challenge the priest (establishment)?

    I, myself sent an e-mail to our parish priest about promoting (publish all special offerings in our bulleting) the lenten offering for D&P and was told by the priest, while he agrees with me, the Archbishop hasn’t made a decision on this.

    I’ve written letters to the editor, including the Catholic Register and have been congratulated by priests for speaking out but I’m left wondering why they won’t do the same?

    Let’s look at this realistically here, how many churches out there are challenging the parishioners and how many priests are walking the talk or even talking the talk?

    As well, how many priests have encouraged their parishioners to read the Bible daily or even just read it once in a while? I’m not advocating personal responsibility because I’ve fallen that way and didn’t open up my Bible at all. I’m finally doing so and am at Numbers so far. How many Catholics even bring their Bible to Church? The Missal isn’t the Bible and as I’ve stated before, it skips Scripture all the time. I’m looking at my former Church’s website and the reading for today is from Genesis but it skips so much that no one can really learn what is going on. Take a look at the link (they link to the USCCB site)

    I’m challenging myself as the Catholic Church doesn’t. My wife listens as I read a chapter a night and we discuss it afterwards. To get to know God, I believe one must read His Word.

    To finish this off, my wife isn’t Catholic and she is the one who has encouraged me as well as some ministers from the Pentecostal religion.

    Our doctrine is good, but those who run the Church sure need the Holy Spirit’s fire to be rejuvinated, as we all do of course.

  2. Whoops some big screw ups in my post, in the 5th paragraph, I meant to say that “I’m not omitting personal responsibility because I’ve fallen…….”

    As well pardon the poor punctuation.

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