Are You An Abolition-ist or an Abortion-ist?

You know that abolitionists were uniformly reviled in the cultures they lived in. They were social outcasts and trouble-makers.  They took the hit to do what was right. And history proved them right.

Of course, after the fight was won, the chattering classes hopped on the bandwagon so as not to be seen as the barbarians they really were or the barbarianism they tolerated.  As long as the bandwagon is free, everyone’s on board.

The same people who are “pro-choice” today are “pro-life” tomorrow when the bandwagon changes direction after history has delivered its judgement.

But for those who hold to it on principle, the load is heavy to carry in the mean time.  Only living fish swim upstream.  Dead ones…well…you know.

Offer your prayers and sacrifices for these brave students as they take the fight to Censorship U. and the shallow barbarians of this age.

We will win because the truth is on our side.

One thought on “Are You An Abolition-ist or an Abortion-ist?

  1. As more of our citizens begin to understand how The Culture Of Death, and Politically Correct thinking is corrupting our society they may join us politically where our Laws are made to stop this Holocaust.
    There was a time when our Western Civilization believed that Politically Correct Relativism that says all views are equally true and beneficial was nonsense. After The Second World War when The Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal indicted ten Nazi leaders for compelling and encouraging Abortions,” A crime against humanity.” It is diabolical what Politically Correct Relativism by Supreme Court and Government decree has done to the Western mind John. It is so difficult to get to most of their minds and when one goes and proves the deep truth most people now get severe head aches and cannot continue with the conversation, but prefer to remain in the comfort of shallow thinking where any excuse they believe ought to be accepted. We do have our work cut out for us John in this Culture War for the minds and souls of our people that we find ourselves in.

    Trials of War Criminals, Nuremberg Military Tribunal,Washington,DC:USGPO,Vol.IV,p.610.

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