Archeologists may have uncovered site where Jesus stood trial


Would make for another beautiful pilgrimage site in honour of the wonderful sacrifice our Blessed Lord made for us.

One thought on “Archeologists may have uncovered site where Jesus stood trial

  1. Western Civilization became Christian about the year 307 after Roman Emperor Constantine’s conversion to Christianity,from MultiCultural Paganism. Before this Christians were persecuted by decree. Western Democratic Civilization converted back to Paganism starting in 1962 Politically and Legally,and we have been living with the evil consequences ever since. To Politically allow the perversion of schoolchildren by adult school teachers and homosexual activists,and continue to be politically apathetic and indifferent in a democracy is diabolical,even though Archeologists have been finding sites of people that were once considered Biblical myths.When a Democratic society is indoctrinated from Kindergarten in the tenets of Secular Paganism it effects everything.This says a lot about churches who stay politically mum as evil prospers in Western Democracies,politically by Government Decree.Even Secular Pagan Travel Agency’s make a bundle on politically apathetic so-called Saint’s,albeit a remnant of them may be real.The most important thing in a democracy is letting the kids come to Jesus,instead of having them perverted in schools by adults,by decree.

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