Archdiocese of Winnipeg Disgraces Itself, Cowers In The Face of “Political Sensitivity”

…After the Winnipeg Free Press broke the story Tuesday, the Archdiocese, headed by Archbishop James Weisgerber, immediately distanced themselves from Hood’s actions, insisting that “Catholic Schools in Winnipeg do not give community service or academic credit for participation in prayer vigils.”

“There are no Catholic schools in Winnipeg that give academic credit for political activity,” Robert Praznik, the Archdiocese’s director of education, told the Winnipeg Free Press. “We’re very careful, we’re not a political organization. None of this is part of the curriculum, and none of this is done on school time.”

In an interview with LifeSiteNews, Praznik insisted the Winnipeg Catholic schools strongly uphold the right to life, but said they “would never give credit to people for attending a prayer service,” just like they “wouldn’t give credit to people for attending Mass.”

“We respect the sanctity of human life. It would be individual parents, families that would make those decisions,” he continued.

Asked if the schools would organize a group to attend a pro-life event, like the Catholic schools in Ontario do by sending students to the Ottawa March for Life, he said, “We would have difficulty if it happened during school hours because of our funding.”

“It’s not that we’re not supporting pro-life activities, but we’re also politically sensitive to the political environment,” he said. “In terms of government regulations in terms of school hours and so forth. We walk a fine line.”…(Source)

“Politically sensitive to the political environment?”   That about sums up the state of Canadian Catholicism.  Can you imagine saying that to John the Baptist?

When money comes between a Catholic and his Faith and Witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we have a name for someone like that.

He’s called Judas.  And we have a whole Catholic institutional edifice that’s become one gigantic JUDAS outfit, with the bishops at the top and the diocesan bureaucrats pulling the strings.

I’m really not surprised anymore at the Catholic hierarchy in this country.   It’s a disgrace. There’s really nothing else to call it.

At the end of this blog post, you will see a man seated at a board room table  That’s the same Archbishop Weisgerber (mentioned in the article above and of D&P fame) who was out there front and center, plugging Development & Peace’s anti-water bottle campaign.   The courage!  The valour!  The honour!  Save us from those evil water bottles!  And damn the political consequences!

But abortion? Well, that’s a political issue, you see.

One thought on “Archdiocese of Winnipeg Disgraces Itself, Cowers In The Face of “Political Sensitivity”

  1. Where is the life in this Archdiocese?
    When the miracles of Jesus are being consistently preached from the pulpit as just a big love in.
    Since when does the Catholic Church teach that if you give money to them you will receive monetary blessings X fold????
    By the way, IVF is also preached at the pulpit as a good, against the teaching of the Catechism.
    Organ donation is also a promoted as a common good and you can fill out those donor cards right after mass.

    Never mind the D&P stuff.


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