Archdiocese of Ottawa Still Promoting Excommunicated Priest’s Talk

I guess I blogged too soon.

A reader has pointed out to me that indeed the Archdiocese of Ottawa is still promoting Baum’s talk. 

VATICAN II IN CANADA: Presented by the Faculty of Theology, Saint Paul University.  Oct. 15 – 16.  Thursday Keynote Address by Gregory Baum; Respondent – Most Rev. Remi J De Roo.  Info: Catherine Clifford, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Vice Dean, Faculty of Theology, St. Paul University, 223 Main, (613-236-1393, ext. 2281).

No registration required.  Poster & schedule: (


The respondent to this talk is retired Bishop Remi De Roo.  You can check out Bishop Remi De Roo’s website here, Enneagram and all.  Arabian Race Horse Speculator Bishop De Roo, of course, is not much better than Gregory Baum.  Financial collapse normally follows from moral collapse. But then again, last year’s market crash really has nothing to do with our morality after all.  It’s all just a big misunderstanding.

I’m not sure what’s going on over at the Archdiocese of Ottawa. Archbishop Prendergast is a good bishop.  A strong pro-life witness too.  He’s not just talk.

The bishops need to understand that unless they start to get serious about discipline in the Church, then the tonne of bricks that has been falling on their heads lately is going to continue to fall.

If they are going to invite a self-admitted dissenter and support virulent pro-abortion and anti-Catholic groups in the Global South, then what makes them think that we will follow them?  If they are inviting and flirting with dissent, then they must clearly understand that dissent can go both ways.

Your Graces, if you want people to obey you, then you must obey the Holy Father and not give credence or a platform to those theologians and bishops who strike at Rome’s teaching.

It’s as simple as that.  We all need to get a grip on reality and start to make some hard choices.  Is the Canadian Church with Rome or not?  If not, then tell us plainly so we can make our own provisions.   Enough of these games.

One thought on “Archdiocese of Ottawa Still Promoting Excommunicated Priest’s Talk

  1. Thank You again, for the Truth stated so simply , and we either are
    with it or not.

    Nowhere does God command us to obey leaders who are not living His Truth.

    Heaven help those in authority who attempt to rationalize leading their flock
    astray. God is very clear what such actions bring.

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