Archdiocese of Ottawa Continues To Support Development & Peace



The Solidarity Sunday collection for the Global South is scheduled for March 21 with the proceeds going to Development and Peace, the official organization of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Development & Peace is the official aid organization of the Catholic Bishops in Canada. It is the national body connected to Caritas Internationalis, the international Catholic aid organization based at the Holy See.  When there are international crises—as with the tsunami in Southeast Asia and the earthquake in Haiti—there is immediate and sound transfer of funds to those who can assist.

The bishops’ conference has set up a special committee of bishops to assist Development and Peace in ensuring that every project sponsored with the donations of Catholics is in conformity with Catholic teaching.

We encourage participation through a positive approach to the collection on March 21.

(adapted from Archbishop Prendergast’s Letter to Priests, February 2010)

Well, folks, this is a sad day.  You’ll notice that the mandate of the bishops’ “special committee” is merely to ensure that every project sponsored by Development & Peace is in conformity with Catholic teaching. (Even here, without the direct funding of abortion programs, Development & Peace’s Marxist orientation is decidedly anti-Catholic, but that is hardly something that the bishops are going to move against.)

In other words,  it likely will be business as usual in enabling pro-abort, anti-life, anti-Catholic groups to continue their work.  Neither the bishops nor the management of Development & Peace have denied that they have been supporting pro-abort groups.  They have never denied it. Indeed, how could they deny it, given the overwhelming evidence? 

Instead, the Bishops are falling back to their true position which is that only the project or program itself cannot be directly promoting abortion.

Why didn’t they just tell us that from the beginning?  Why not just say, “we have no problem with funding pro-abort groups.”  It would have saved us a lot of expectation and faint hope.

To be honest, this is what I expected.  If you were interested in addressing the allegations, you’d have to start engaging with those who are bringing forth the evidence.  But when the evidence – even if corroborated – does not point to any problem, why bother?  The point is rather moot.

I will wait for the final resolution to this question.  I hope that I am wrong in my assessment. I pray that I am wrong.  But, if I am not, if the bishops of Canada agree in principle to prop up the pro-abortion juggernaut in the Global South, there will be ominous consequences to that decision.

Faithful pro-life Catholics WILL NOT ACCEPT IT.  Perhaps, since the bishops will have broken our trust in their pastoral judgement, a targetted yet comprehensive financial boycott of the Catholic Church is in order.  We shall see.

Socon or Bust continues to urge Catholics to boycott Development & Peace.

Catholics should neither directly give nor directly enable the political aspirations of pro-abortion groups.


11 thoughts on “Archdiocese of Ottawa Continues To Support Development & Peace

  1. I think you are right, TJB.

    In the results of the investigation report of Development and Peace was the statement “we believe the allegations by Lifesite News … are not founded on the facts.” Later, when interview by Lifesite and presented with the hard evidence, Newfoundland’s Archbishop Currie, co-author of the report, said, “”I just should have followed up more.”

    I think most Bishops are following the findings of the report and ignoring everything else. I don’t believe anything will change because of that report. And we know Archbishop Currie didn’t see all the evidence, he said so himself!

    However, if a document were compiled including the hard copy attachments of D&P’s website showing the ACTUAL LIST of charity fund recipients PLUS the beneficiary website pages showing their ACTUAL EVIDENCE of their pro abortion, pro contraception support. Highlighted to boot. Keeping is simple because a photograph of the image is worth a thousand words. The document would be so idiot proof no one would be able to ignore the facts.

    Then sent a registered signature required copy of the document to Archbishop Prendergast, Archbishop Currie etc, maybe also a Cardinal, and the appropriate person at the Vatican.

  2. Sorry, TJB, the Archbishop of Ottawa knows precisely what is going on.

    I sent the photographic evidence and eye witness report to him and all of the bishops. He was also the one who said it wasn’t going to be “business as usual” at the Plenary Assembly back last October.

    All of the bishops know the score.

    Even if they didn’t, then the question of gross negligence or willful blindness becomes relevant.

    No, we need to hold them to account.

    If they can be held accountable for their negligence for shifting child abusers, they can be held accountable on this issue as well.

    And I intend to do just that, if the final decision does not respect unborn life.

    They have another thing coming if they think that this thing is just going to blow over after they make their “final” ruling.

  3. Scary stuff. I have been out doing positive useful things and I come back here and guess what? The same old negative baseless stuff you always put out.

    You are so like a broken record.

    Next Pacheco response – “I know I am but what are you?

    stale, move on, get a hobby…

  4. Paul,

    Why do you come back here? If it’s baseless, why do you bother? Just go away, plug your ears, close your eyes, play your guitar, and continue to sing cumbaya songs.

  5. Paul, you have never proven John is wrong. You remind me of a person covering their ears while yelling “lalalalalalalalalaala I can’t hear you.

  6. Pacheco, I still say you should meet the Archbishop. This is not the same as sending him something. Do you know how much mail the Archbishop of Ottawa must get from whackos everyday? Yours may have just been tossed aside with the junk mail. You can’t tell me he “knows what’s going on” because you sent him a letter.

  7. Dear Pacheco,

    I don’t see any reason for going away. It is important to engage people like you and good ol’ Susan.

    You final line of defense is always to (try) to get personal.

    Look at your comments!

    close your eyes, play your guitar, and continue to sing cumbaya songs.

    lalalalalalalalalaala I can’t hear you.

    you both should be embarrassed!

  8. TJB,

    I know for a fact the Archbishop knows what’s going on. It’s not simply about mail. I have other sources.

    I very much doubt a meeting would be that useful. He has all the information he needs to pull the plug, but he doesn’t do it for reasons known only to himself.

  9. Hi John,
    Well . . . with all the repetition some people still don’t get it! I am disappointed in our bishops and that is repetitious too.

    In fact, I find it so hard to believe that Prendergast
    doesn’t have more courage. Are the bishops afraid of being taxed? My motto is, “God will provide.”

  10. I would like to know when I put money in the collection plate each Sunday, whether or not any portion of it goes towards Development and Peace. I do not intentionally support any pro-abortion cause or charity , and this is an extremely important issue for me!

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