12 thoughts on “Archdiocese of Ottawa Cancels Fr. Arriaga’s Presentations!!

  1. Praise God!

    As a way of giving thanks, I suggest we go to the Pro-Life Mass tomorrow (April 2nd) at 10:00 am at St. Basil’s Parish, 940 Rex Avenue, Ottawa
    (parking lot off Maitland Avenue, just north of the Queensway/Hwy. 417)
    (Rosary at 9:30 am)

  2. Excellent work, both diligence and perseverence.

    During my winter stay here in Tucson AZ, I have been listening to the Catholic Channel on Satellite radio, and the D&P issue we have in Canada mirrors a similar one here in the US. They realise that not donating individually to an organisation like their equivalent of D&P has little impact, and so many are going a step further. They are refusing to support their local parish in protest, and doing so vocally.

    Perhaps this is something that should be organised in Canada. The evidence is too clear about the problem.

    Just a thought.
    Michael Brandon

  3. Wow, this is fantastic news! May God abundantly bless the good Archbishop! And may He also bless the efforts you make here on behalf of all of us!

  4. Congratulations to Socon or Bust and LifeSiteNews for keeping Development and Peace accountable!

    I’m very proud of my Archbishop for cancelling this talk. His decision is an answer to the prayers of many.

    I hope that good Catholics do not take the advice of Michael Brandon, however. As the priest at a very small parish, I can assure readers that refusing to support your local parish only hurts yourselves and the future of your parish. It is ‘shooting yourself in the foot’ or another way to put it is that it is an adolescent-like reaction of “I’ll show you, I’ll hurt me!” I am not aware of any parish who gives or would give money to Development and Peace out of their general collections.

    I would recommend instead that parishioners let their priest know that they support him whenever he preaches about the life issues. It will help offset the complaints we get from Catholics who don’t want to hear the message and who threaten to remove their contributions and attendence if we do not stop mentioning the evil of abortion and contraception. I would also recommend that each of us, whether laity, clergy, or religious, encourage your bishop whenever he stands up for the vulnerable preborn, and whenever he gives the prophetic and truly charitable call to repentence, and whenever he teaches unambiguously Catholic faith and morals. These things will help bolster his much needed courage and truly help advance the Culture of Life.

    Fr Anthony Hannon

  5. Really sad day for the poors in Mexico who count on this organization to have justice done for their brothers and sisters who have been kidnapped, killed or disappeared.

  6. Genny, I agree with you. Next time, then, support an organization with the laudable goals of genuine human rights WITHOUT doing so on the backs of the unborn.

    I don’t think that is much to ask.

  7. Praise God for Archbishop Prendergast….When HE meets you at the end of your earthly journey, your Grace, surely he will greet you with “Well done my good and faithful servant, you have fought the good fight….Thank you again and I am proud to be a member of the Diocese of Ottawa….

  8. Genny, your lack of concern for the unborn is what gets you into trouble.

    Show concern for the unborn, and then you won’t have a problem. Or would that conflict with your values?

  9. Genny,
    There are real Catholic organizations that help the poor without promoting abortion. And now those organizations can get the funding they deserve.
    This is a good day for the poor.

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