Archbishop says Trudeau’s Decree is a slap in the face

Edmonton’s Roman Catholic Archbishop is taking exception to comments made Wednesday by federal liberal leader Justin Trudeau.   Trudeau says his party will make sure no one who opposes abortion will be accepted as future candidates for the Liberals.

Archbishop Richard Smith says it’s outrageous that the comments came on the eve of the March for Life rallies across the country.  “To time that statement to coincide with these voices is obviously a deliberate slap in the face.”  The archbishop said thousands of people were coming together across Canada to defend all life, including that in the womb.

The archbishop says several things occur to him, not just as archbishop, but as a citizen of the country.

He says from what he understands from the statement, Trudeau is saying that “henceforth for members of his party, there is no choice but pro-choice.  That in itself is a contradiction in terms.”

“More seriously”, the archbishop says, “fundamental human rights acknowledged in our constitution, freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, and  the fundamental right to life, are threatened.” (Source)

While I welcome the Archbishop’s frank criticism of Trudeau, really, we have to ask just how outraged he and the rest of the bishops can really be about it?  C’mon, let’s get real.

Justin will still be receiving Communion in the Catholic Church in Canada until the Second Coming of Jesus.  This will happen even if Justin decrees that all Catholic parishes in the country be boarded up and shut down.  Somehow the bishops will find a way of accommodating his request to still receive the Holy Eucharist in this eventuality.  You can count on that.

Today in the Catholic Church, political leaders can exclude practicing Catholics from their Parties, but Catholic leaders dare not exclude politicians from their Churches.  Oh no. That, my dear friends, would be unimaginable.

“We couldn’t do that.  What would people – in this tolerant land that we’ve created – think of us?  Mercy me!”

That’s how we roll today in the Church in the age of formalized dissent and apostasy.

We see once again, in crystal clear fashion, what being soft on contraception and abortion has reduced us to.  Before it was about sex, and now, not-so-unsurprisingly, it is about our very freedoms.

God is not mocked. If the Catholic Church in Canada will not stand up for His moral laws on sexual intimacy and ENFORCE THEM in the Church, He will allow our freedoms to be taken away.  Because frankly, that’s what we deserve.  The dead wood is good for nothing except to be thrown into the fire and burned, and if the salt no longer has any taste to it, what good is it if not to be thrown down and trampled on?

4 thoughts on “Archbishop says Trudeau’s Decree is a slap in the face

  1. It is a given that all people including politicians who support abortion should not be receiving the Blessed Eucharist. However, on the political side of things the Archbishop is absolutely correct in his comments, comments that are supported by a large number of Canadians across this wonderful land of ours. Trudeau’s “my way or the highway” is not exceptionally democratic in any shape or form. His stance does not allow for openness during the nomination process One would also have to agree with the good Archbishop that the Liberal leader’s stance does not allow for freedom of conscience and or freedom of speech.

  2. Who cares, Lawrence? Few Catholic politicians respect the bishops because the bishops do not fully understand their role as chief shepherds and protectors of the Eucharist. What possible reason would Justin Trudeau have to listen to Archbishop Smith? Where there is no sanction, there is no respect…the politicians only understand consequences. They do not understand virtue. So we, as a Church, have to speak their language so they get it — even if it means sacrifice on our part and more persecution. Better to go down with dignity of a Christian soldier, than a pussy who gets the boot anyway.

    • Anyone who gives Holy Communion to Justin Trudeau, from this point on, commits a gravely sinful act, desecration of the Body and Blood of Christ. Trudeau is automatically excommunicated, according to long existing church rules, for his public abortion supporting declarations. Justin ia also easy to recognize, so when he approaches Communion, he should quietly be passed by. That is proper treatment under church rules. There’s no need for public trial or declaration to embarrass him, although it would be satisfying to witness. He is already excommunicated, so should be treated as such.

      • Why is it, I wonder Ed, that only the Laity see this? The problem is not with Justin. It’s with the Church in getting serious about abortion. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, so why should the politicians?

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