Archbishop saves Muslim child from knife-wielding attacker in Central African Republic

Archbishop Dieudonne Nzapalainga, who was visiting a small village with a team of health-care workers, grabbed the arm of a man who was drawing a knife to kill the child. The archbishop and his group then protected the child from an angry crowd until her parents rushed her away.(Source)

The word “hero” gets overused these days, but not this time.

One thought on “Archbishop saves Muslim child from knife-wielding attacker in Central African Republic

  1. Peaceful ties with the ones who’s religious book, and Koranic Sharia Law tell’s them to “kill infidels wherever you find them?” As long as they cling to their worldview/religion how can that be accomplished? How can peaceful ties be kept with Western Democratic Seculars who likewise corrupt Canadian, and Western Schoolchildren ,as so-called human rights be politically kept?Politically Correct “neutral” Democratic Secular Western Paganism is a lie,as Politically Correct so-called Christianity is.To stop the murder of children is good,but educating children to behead infidels is diabolical.It is painful to live in a society that beheads christians,including Christian Children.It is also painful to live in a society who legalize schoolchildren to be perverted by adult school teachers and homosexual activists,as human rights and social justices.Secularism masquerading as Christianity in a democracy is a result of political apathy and indifference of it’s citizens,even the ones who call themselves christians.In a democracy the Laws of the land reflect the majorities point of view,even the ones who call themselves christians. Children ought not to be beheaded or aborted according to rotten worldviews.If a worldview murdered your family according to their State Sanctioned law,how would you feel.Protecting innocent,impressionable children is good,but with a reasonable response about their indoctrination from childhood.This indoctrination ought to stop,even if it is considered Politically Uncorrect.

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