Archbishop Prendergast in Nebraska

some pretty impressive pictures too.

Check out his blog entry (cursor down).

The thing about boundaries is that it helps develop identity.  When you’re into the ecumenical fraud known to “tear down boundaries”, it’s a scam that lets the barbarians in.  

One thing that keeps the boundaries UP in Catholicism is the Liturgy. 

We owe the very best to God.  That means the smells, the bells, the gold, and the threads.

When we re-establish our boundaries, it’s not so much to keep people out as it is to allow them in the front door in a proper and orderly manner.

2 thoughts on “Archbishop Prendergast in Nebraska

  1. In Sodom the citizens do not recognize the need for righteousness, as the Priests of that place. Love without meaning(Kinsey Sex Education), and murder without guilt (Abortion), they teach schoolchildren from kindergarten. In a democracy the citizens are Caesar. We know how people who claim to be Christs vote by asking them, and listening to their response. This was once part of a Western Christian Civilization in Government, Law and Education, where inalienable human rights according to Genesis 1:27, were pointed out in time by righteous citizens to convince the majority who called themselves Christian, when a false interpretation of science and law manipulated the humanity of certain people, and eventually Legislated an end to this. At the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials ,ten Nazi Leaders were indicted for compelling and encouraging Abortion, ” a crime against humanity.” Western Civilization is in a mess now and a false view of Christianity doesn’t help anyone. The Christians of the Jerusalem dispersion, kicked out by the Institutional High Priests, turned the Pagan World 180 ,wherever they settled. As Professor Tom Landers often taught, ” what hinders you?” Do you really believe that The Worldview of Politically Correct Relativism by Government decree, and Court enforcement is good for our Civilization? Jesus gave us volition to use wisely. How many do for a benevolent democracy. In the Democratic West the future is in the hands and minds of our citizens. It all comes to the final question, what do you want Jesus or Politically Correct Relativism? Western democratic Civilization is not quite Sodom, but many Bills passed into law, in our Parliament and Legislatures are the same ones Caligula himself would have desired. We fought hard to change rotten law and legislation for the sake of children in Canada, and the majority of the ones who call themselves Christian still don’t see the political solution to this problem.

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