Archbishop Prendergast inviting other bishops to March for Life

Archbishop Terrence Prendergast of Ottawa is trying to rally the troops for the upcoming March for Life! This is the great type of leadership we need from all our bishops.

Praise God!

OTTAWA, Ontario, February 21, 2011 ( – Archbishop Terrence Prendergast of Ottawa, long-praised for his dedicated promotion of Canada’s annual National March for Life on Parliament Hill, has called on the Ontario councils of the Knights of Columbus to show up en masse at this year’s May 12th March.

“Your presence as well as a representation from your council would witness to the importance of standing up for life and family in our country,” the Archbishop wrote in a January 31st letter. (Source)

The Knights of Columbus are also gung-ho:

Ontario State Deputy Arthur Peters told LifeSiteNews that the Knights consider the March for Life “very important.”

“We invite all Councils to participate in the March for Life, and also to encourage the support of schools in their area that wish to attend by helping with the transportation costs,” he explained.

In a 2009 resolution, the Ontario Knights threw their full support behind the March, pledging to subsidize local and high school bus trips throughout Ontario.  They resolved further to make it a priority in February each year “to press councils throughout Ontario to partner with their area parishes on this issue.”

“We must spill over into the streets of Ottawa with not 8,000 but 80,000,” the resolution stated.

Now we’re talkin’ baby! Bring it!

One thought on “Archbishop Prendergast inviting other bishops to March for Life

  1. Now only does this Bishop actually walk the talk, he’s got his very own blog where he posts on happenings that involve him, Saints memorial days in the Liturgy and Feast Days, and as of this year, most of the time he posts a reflection (of his own or from another source) for the upcoming Sunday’s Liturgy.

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