Archbishop Prendergast bans eulogies at funerals

Of course, eulogies were already expressly forbidden by the Order of Christian Funerals, but this wasn’t always obeyed. Kudos to the Archbishop for reaffirming this teaching of the Church.

Read the decree here.

2 thoughts on “Archbishop Prendergast bans eulogies at funerals

  1. While I loathe eulogies, which often turn into canonizations, the only reference to a eulogy in the Order of Christian Funerals is in the instruction to the priest to give a homily, not a eulogy.

    As far as words of remembrance by a family member or friend are concerned, the Canadian OCF inserts that into the Funeral Vigil but American OCF inserts it into the Funeral Mass itself, between Communion and the Final Commendation.

  2. Most eulogies are an embarrassment and have no place in the funeral mass. I’ll never forget one we had back in 2005, the deceased man left behind a wounded and dysfunctional family. During the eulogy, the elder son got up and took the opportunity to condemn his father to hell. Thankfully our parish has abolished eulogies as of two years ago.

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