Archbishop of Ottawa: D&P “must distance itself” from its pro-abort friends


Concern was expressed at the time of last year’s Share Lent collection that CCODP partners were promoting abortion and contraception.

Because of this, Archbishop Prendergast noted, “the bishops agreed there would be a collection this year while the bishops were working on reflecting with them on the Pope’s latest social justice encyclical, Caritas in Veritate, and addressing the concerns that had surfaced.”

He said the committee must be allowed to do its work and the bishops must not send any mixed signals about their unconditional support for this year’s collection, but the agency must distance itself from any partners whose abortion advocacy “clearly gives mixed witness because we are associated with them.”

CCODP executive director Michael Casey was upbeat about the future of the organization.

A campaign to bring relief to Haiti after that country’s devastating earthquake was highly successful, raising the profile of CCODP across the country, he said. Close to $5 million was raised by the Feb. 12 government deadline for matching funds.

An ad hoc committee of bishops set up to provide oversight to CCODP met for the first time Feb. 8.

“We’re off to a very positive and good start with them,” said CCODP executive director Michael Casey, who reported a “very amicable discussion” in an interview shortly after the meeting.

The agency is in the midst of developing a new five-year plan that has energized membership, he added, and has discussed with overseas groups espousing immoral issues ways to find a common understanding.

“There has to be a very concrete awareness of our Catholic identity,” he said. “Catholic principles have to be central to the relationship.” (Source)

The Archbishop of Ottawa has now officially recognized that Development & Peacemust distance itself” from its pro-abort partners.  It remains to be seen, however, how this directive is actually going to be implemented. There are over 40 groups which Socon or Bust has identified as being anti-family or anti-Catholic. Many of these groups are also pro-abortion to a greater or lesser extent.

The bishops of Canada need to understand that it will not be enough to give general principles and directives.  The lay faithful want to see some CONCRETE ACTION in Development & Peace disassociating from ALL (or nearly ALL) of the groups identified thusfar.

Theoretically speaking, folks, since Development & Peace is essentially a Marxist political organization masquerading as a Catholic relief agency, this should mean a total make-over of the organization.  Why? Because many if not most of Development & Peace’s organizations are Marxist-leaning and are therefore pro-abortion and anti-Catholic.  So if the bishops are serious about purging the pro-abortion influence from D&P’s partners, the organization itself is essentially a dead letter as far as its current constitution goes.   But we’ll see just how serious the bishops are and what kind of intestinal fortitude they have. 

By the way, did you get a kick out of Michael Casey’s last comment in the article about “Catholic principles having to be central to the relationship”?  Well, it’s a wonderful thing indeed that the executive director of Canada’s official Catholic aid agency has finally clued into this minor detail.

However, the question I have is this: 

Just what the hell was it supposed to be before this eureka? 

The Canadian Marxist development bank, perhaps?


2 thoughts on “Archbishop of Ottawa: D&P “must distance itself” from its pro-abort friends

  1. It still seems very foggy to me , and the fact that it still so vague, and nothing really clear has been explained to the Faithful, tells me that there still is too much hidden from people who don’t know the truth about where their money is going.

    It is as if they are again postponing dealing immediately with off this grave and serious matter by means of incorporating an agenda, that “appears” to be seriously confronting it by being “non-influential” to their faithful.Yet…how can this be right?.

    Certainly not, by distancing themselves from the issue and their responsibility, and by leaving it up to the people to decide if they choose to give to D&P.

    Most folk probably don’t have access to the truth via blogs and such, so they don’t know the seriousness and insidiousness of this whole charade, and thus can’t make a fair decisions based on that.

  2. Funny you mention the Marxist thing—-when D&P first came out in the 1960s my parents said it sounded like a Communist plot and wouldn’t donate to it.

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