Archbishop Lepine Does A Good Job

This is what we need. Engagement by our Bishops and real leadership on the pressing questions of our age.

The interviewer even mentioned LifeSite News at the 48 second mark. +Lepine side steps it well. Hahahaha!

He moves and weaves through these questions very well, while still getting the truth out.  It’s true, he could have been more direct, but that will hopefully come in time.

H/T Deborah Gyapong

4 thoughts on “Archbishop Lepine Does A Good Job

  1. People who support the Church tend to applaud his efforts, but otherwise, he was not well received. It was not just because he preached Catholic morality, but he spoke like a politician. He needed to be a bit more straightforward, in my opinion.

  2. @Yo: Basically, it’s a whole lot of “when did you stop beating your wife” questions, over and over again. The Abp. didn’t get sucked into any of it.

  3. Archbishop Lepine walked into a lion’s den! I thought he was extremely diplomatic and engaging! Believe me,..I have a ringside seat and am seeing the changes first hand! If he came at them head on,..he would have been crucified totally,..instead, he bobbed and weaved like a prize fighter,.. Remember Jesus answering Pilate,..

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