Archbishop Collins Just Doesn’t Get It

He called Catholic education a “treasure” but reminded the several hundred trustees from across Canada “nothing this side of paradise” is perfect. While some might be over-enthusiastic, others blow concerns about the schools out of proportion. But he said people do need to pay attention to “hints of problems and difficulties” and answer the “worries” some face.

Collins said he’s had parents tell him they are taking their children out of the Catholic system because they don’t think the schools are Catholic enough. He tells them there are wonderful people in the Catholic schools and great students, and while the system is not perfect “we’re working on it.” But the parents tell him, “That’s fine, bishop, we wish you well, but our kids will be adults before you make a dent in it.”

It took a long time to get into the problems Catholic schools face and it will take a long time to rectify them, he said, describing the process as a “marathon” and not a “sprint.”… (Source)

Your Grace,

Our children are not the pseudo-Catholic school system’s guinea pigs.  And this is not a stupid race.  Children’s innocence and their souls are at risk.

As a Catholic father, I will tell you quite frankly that your comments only demonstrate that you just don’t get it, and it also demonstrates why we (tragically) can’t trust your judgement in pastoral matters concerning our children.  That’s not something I’m happy to say.   But it’s the truth.  And the sooner Catholic fathers and families admit and recognize this truth, the more children can be saved. 

My dear friends, if you’re relying on the bishops of this country to give you a rubber stamp of approval on publicly funded Catholic education, “social justice”, or just about any other pastoral practice, you’re a chump to be pitied indeed.    They don’t seem to understand that there is a HUGE consequence to their credibility of not acting.  They think that if they do nothing, there’s no cost to the Church, to their episcopal office, and to the souls of our children.  That’s a big mistake.

The Catholic bishops of this country simply don’t know how to be fathers anymore.  They’re politicians. Not entirely their fault, of course. They’re a product of this twisted culture of death which has completely perverted fatherhood, and they have not gone unscathed. This is nothing less than tragic for all of us, but it does not excuse our responsibility and their responsibility here and now

It started with that hell-sent Winnipeg Statement, and it’s been downhill ever since.

But then I said something to the Archbishop that shocked even me since it had never occurred to me before that moment. Perhaps it was the prompting of the Holy Spirit because after I said it, I still did not grasp its significance. (Today, I grasp it completely, and it scares me). “Your Grace”, I said at the time, “contraception separates the priests and the bishops from the laity.” After I said it, the Archbishop gave me a puzzled look. And to be honest, I was as puzzled as he was since I myself was trying to figure out what I had just said. I remember mumbling some kind of tortured explanation to him to help clarify the statement, but I wasn’t much help. Trying to save myself any more embarrassment, I changed the subject and quickly moved on to something else. But looking back now in light of the D&P abortion scandal, the insight that I shared with the Archbishop a few years ago has taken on whole new proportions. (Source)

Fathers!  Protect the innocence of your children, zealously.  And pray for our Bishops that they open their ears and listen to the lamentations of their children.  And pray especially that they finally garner the courage to tell the government, the unions, and the homosexualist lobby to hit the road.




2 thoughts on “Archbishop Collins Just Doesn’t Get It

  1. The bishops should defend the truth no matter what the cost, and – “And pray especially that they finally garner the courage to tell the government, the unions, and the homosexualist lobby to hit the road.” – It is possible that there would be severe consequences of a material nature, such as the loss of public funding for Catholic schools, and even legal sanctions against the Church. But they must exercise a trust that goes beyond rational calculations, knowing that no matter what happens, if they exercise integrity inspired by God’s grace and do the right thing, the ultimate outcome will be well. Such comes from a complete trust in God’s providence.

  2. He cannot claim ignorance. Many parents, including myself, have sent this bishop and many others details of the abuses in the system and where they come from. Given that they have the information it is incomprehensible that they haven’t acted to right the ship. Cowards may be too light a word to describe their absence from this battle.

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