Apostacy from the Faith

I am not certain if we are in the great Apostacy yet.  I normally don’t get too caught up in the prophesy industry.  It is subject to grand manipulation, like what’s going on today at the highest levels of the Catholic Church, surrounding the issue of sex outside real marriage. But I would not be surprised, in retrospect, if it were to turn out to be true.  It is becoming rather clear now that a good portion of the Episcopacy in the Catholic Church have lost their minds and have become heretics from the faith or complete Apostates who don’t have the courage to leave.  Instead they want to stick around and transform the image of the Church into something of their own liking:

The Archbishop of Hamburg, Stefan Heße, has called upon his Church to have more realism with regard to the moral teaching on sexuality. “We have to look upon the manifold ways and forms of living in which people live, as they now exist,” said the 48-year old to the Koelner Stadt-Anzeiger  on Saturday. He, “of course,” also sees “same-sex couples entering the Metropolitan Cathedral of Hamburg, and nobody asking them to leave.” Even though he is still somewhat hesitant concerning the “homo-marriage,” Heße also says: “But when these people seek to be close to us, then we as Church are there for them. What else?” The Church has to cherish it when in homosexual relationships there are to be found values such as fidelity and reliability. “In my eyes, this does not minimize the love and fidelity between two people,” according to Heße. He also wishes for the remarried divorcees “livable forms for the Church’s recognition and accompaniment,” without thereby giving up the ideal of marriage. (Source)

It’s becoming clearer and clearer that we have descended into very perilous times in the Church, and I would be very surprised if the vast majority of Catholics are prepared for what is coming, and what choices will be demanded of them.

Then, only a few days later, on August 7, the President of the Swiss Bishops’ Conference, Bishop Markus Büchel, came out in a public letter to all co-workers in the pastoral field, defending homosexual couples. After another Swiss bishop, Bishop Vitus Huonder, had publicly spoken about how the Old Testament condemns homosexual practices, Bishop Büchel made a statement distancing himself from such views. In this statement, the Swiss Bishop says:

For the promotion of the good of the person, it is less decisive whether someone has a hetero- or homosexual inclination; rather, the responsible approach to sexuality and all the other dimensions of a relationship (such as attentiveness, carefulness, respect, or fidelity) is decisive. Here we are permitted, as Catholic faithful, to trust the conscience of each individual. Let us rejoice about every relationship in which the partners accept one another as equal, valuable, beloved children of God and respect the dignity of the other and promote the well-being of the persons!


Does the red text sound familiar?  Say….shades of Winnipeg?

This decision came after a national petition was launched in defense of Salinas who first had been denied to become a godparent because she does not live according to the Church’s moral teaching. More than 35,000 people signed the petition in favor of Salinas. Now the diocese declared that “being transsexual does not constitute a reason for being excluded from the office of a godfather,” as kath.ch reports. Salinas himself comments on the new decision, according to the Spanish newspaper El País:

I don’t know if the pope saw my petition – I have no knowledge about that – but of course the entire Church is changing. In fact, they just said that divorced Catholics cannot be excommunicated and I think it is wonderful that the Church is taking a new route.

This whole approach of welcoming people in objectively sinful relationships into positions of authority and trust in the Church (while even still excluding them from Communion) is quite wrong.  It also ends up even demoting the significance of receiving the Eucharist.

So, the movement at foot here is a compromise:  no Communion, but they can basically have and be everything else:  Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, Lector, Sunday School Teacher,  Altar Server, Sacristan, Ministry Leader, God Parent, etc. etc. etc.

What does this say?  It says that being in a state of objective moral sin is OK, because you can be put in position of authority and trust, even if you won’t turn away from your public sin.  You can be Catholic and not address your situation and repent.  So little Johnny’s Sunday School teacher is a public adulterer, and that’s OK because what’s important is not the fornication that the Church is implicitly accepting by putting her in an official capacity of teacher, but rather that the Church is a “welcoming and safe” place.  In the real world, the Church is doing no one a favour:  neither Herself, the adulterer, little Johnny, or anyone in the Parish.

For me and my family, the day that I witness any public, unrepentant sinner take a position of authority in my parish, is the day I leave that parish.

Furthermore, excluding someone from Communion does not just involve the actual reception of the Body and Blood of Jesus. It’s supposed to also encompass one’s position in the Church.  If you can’t receive holy communion, you cannot participate in any meaningful leadership roles in the Church.  One flows from the other.  To separate the two is to demote and insult the significance of what holy communion is supposed to signify. We end up ghettoizing the parish and creating a false dichotomy.  We perpetuate the secular schizo society in the Church, making Her a schizo as well.  We become a Church of two classes of “acceptable” citizens, and yet only one of those “acceptable classes” can receive holy communion.  In point of fact, we become two churches….which represents yet another heresy, in addition to the pastoral heresy that is being pushed by Kasper and his friends.

In saner times, it was all very simple:  Engage in public sin? No visible role in the Church for you. You are welcome to sit in the pew and pray. No one will chase you out (provided of course you keep the rainbow flag at home). We will pray for you and help you.  But we will not condone your sin because that would be a true betrayal of who you are called to be in Christ and beneath your inherent dignity.  And we will not put you into a position of authority in the Church, either, because such an action would condone your public sin.

In saner times, bishops did not consider the admonition “Repent!” a boorish phrase, and would actually use it quite often. Today, it’s not even in their vocabulary. Do they even know what it means?

Understand clearly:  authentic love (the love that demands crucifixion and suffering) is not what the morons and apostates say it is. It doesn’t always say, “yes”.

2 thoughts on “Apostacy from the Faith

  1. When evil is legalized by The Secular elites now that they legally,politically and academically control The Democratic Secular USA,The rest of The Democratic Secular America’s and Secular Democratic Europe by what they call Constitutional decree in Government,Law and Education.Malleable school children have been ,and still are being indoctrinated in schools by adult school teachers and special interest activists,as secular human rights.The consequences of the secular religious Kinsey sexology teaching campaign from Kindergarten to University has persuaded young students to abandon modesty,virginity ;and the traditional withholding of sexual favors until faithful marriage to one of the opposite sex.They have been socially engineered in schools by adult secular educators to pay tribute to their new constitutional Secular Worldview-Religion.Christianity in Government,Law and Education has been decreed Unconstitutional by The Political,Legal, Academic Secular Elites starting in 1962;and the Worldview-Religion of so-called “neutral”Secularism Constitutional.When Seculars tell you they don’t have a Worldview-Religion they are deliberately being dishonest,while they are perverting our children in schools into the values of their Worldview-Religion. Righteous citizens politically unite to support Traditional Family Values Politicians and hold them accountable to pass healthy legislation.Your children traumatized in schools by so-called “neutral” Secular Sex Education are depending on you to help them,before they are completely indoctrinated into the tenets of Secular Humanism.. Why have the majority of the Christian Church and Clergy converted to the Worldview-Religion of so-called “neutral” Secularism? Don’t you know how you are traumatizing your school aged children?These are the same children Lord Jesus told you not to prevent from coming to Him.Don’t you know that Secular Christian is an oxymoron? Evil prospers when so called good Christians politically allow their children to be indoctrinated into the corrupt faith of so-called “neutral” Secularism by a rotten so-called “neutral” Secular Clergy and Secular Education Establishment.

  2. This is from GOPUSA
    Court Says Baker Can’t Cite Religious Beliefs in Refusing to Make Gay Wedding Cake.
    When I was growing up, there was an expression that all of us used. It’s one with which you are all familiar. Whether you were joking around with friends or even having a discussion with your parents, out would come the response: “Yes, I can… it’s a free country.” Perhaps it was, but now is a completely different story. According to a recent court ruling this country is no longer free, and individuals cannot practice their religious beliefs if it conflicts with the new “god”: government.

    This is from Citizen.
    When the so-called Christian Church and Clergy allow Democratic Governments,and elected politicians to legislate evil,and then have adult school teachers,homosexual etc.,activists and abortion activists indoctrinate our school children into the values of this legalized evil,as human rights,then the devils have taken over Christ’s Church, because of apathetic,and indifferent Clergy and pew potatoes. Where the majority of our people held our politicians and clergy accountable to Lord Christ’s worldview, now they do nothing as evil flourishes in former Christian Western Democracies.The majority have converted to the New Government Religion-Worldview of so-called “neutral” Secular Humanism which became the State sanctioned worldview starting only in 1962. The evil excuses they make for this are not going to work on Lord Christ.Like the seculars they must hope He does not exist.

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