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  1. Pacheco: According to the SAFP website, their interpretation of Gender Mainstreaming is as follows:

    SPED II: Gender Mainstreaming

    SAFP is committed to achieving gender equality, and as a means of addressing gender disparity, gender mainstreaming is applied across all SPED II program activities as a cross-cutting theme. By integrating gender considerations into all organizational and program activities—planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, reflection—SAFP and its partners increase their own capacity to understand, promote, and facilitate development that views the needs of women and men equally. Gender impact assessments guide this process at the planning stage by recognizing the often-different needs of men and women, and by determining how planned interventions will differentially affect them.

    Clearly this is not the same meaning that the Culture of Death folks who have infiltrated the UN has. It would seem to me that this is the answer to your question. At least, it is the first positive step towards getting an answer to your concerns.

    Fr. Tim Moyle

  2. Many of our people are educated in pagan universities and we use pagan university textbooks. Our people have to outright lie on some issues on exams before the pagan universites allow them to graduate. Fr. Tim Moyle we cannot use the words pagans use in their textbooks and say they now mean what Fr. Tim Moyle says they mean. Their is a lot of pagan thought now in our midst Fr. Tim that is why we have to be so careful.

  3. Hi Father,

    So you think, given that:

    1) CIDA finances 75% of their program

    2) SAFP has made absolutely no effort to distance themselves from the Global Anti-Life NGO language of “gender mainstreaming”. (Why would an organization use such a phrase given what it means with the anti-life, anti-family cabal? Wouldn’t you, at the very least, use other language, consistent with a Christian, Catholic understanding. Of course, you would. Just like you would never use “reproductive rights” to explain a woman’s right not to have sex.)

    3) SAFP employees attend very suspect conferences and training sessions;

    4) and, last but not least, send out very disturbing newsletters which, to anyone who is even remotely concerned about the traditional family, should sound off mega warning bells…


    …despite all this, you believe that “clearly this is not the same meaning that the Culture of death folks” have.

    “Clearly”, Father? If we must say it is clear, I would err on the side of evidence, not omission.

    I wish that I could be as confident as you, Father.

    But sadly, much of the Catholic Church’s record of “development and aid” in North America (if not most of the western world) does not exactly inspire confidence these days. It’s basically extension of the U.N. and/or N.D.P.

    Save A Family Plan is not immune from this environment, but sadly is likely part of it.

  4. Ferris,
    Give us the address, and let’s start the letters rolling. Like most of your readers, John, I was concerned, but just not too sure about who is the most effective person to contact (politely) in this situation.
    Be sure to add a corresponding Catholic bishop to write to as well, if possible. You know how much the laity likes to keep the bishops on the straight and narrow.

  5. I think what I was looking for, at first, Kathie is that at least some people see a big problem with gender mainstreaming and what’s on SAFP’s site.

    It keeps me sane. 🙂

  6. John,
    To be honest, I had no clue about gender mainstreaming until it popped up on my radar last week. I am “bambi” when it comes to this stuff- clueless and naive. But, when the Algoma school district asked students to fill out their ‘gender’ on an H1N1 form, and there were FIVE different gender choices…all sorts of red flags started to go up. That the Catholic church would be involved in any small or remote way with this sort of social engineering is unconscionable.
    Keep up the fine work, John, and don’t forget the contact information.

  7. I read some material on their website and it can be interpreted in many ways. The description of their gender mainstreaming activities never seem to invoke Catholic teaching, such as the equal dignity of men and women. Instead, it’s based on secular terms. I find that odd given that the organization is supposedly headed by consecrated religious and priests.

    I plan to contact somebody over there and ask some questions, given that I’m currently a donor.

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