“Anti-Violence” Campaign All About Pushing Feminism

Poland’s Bishops’ Conference has denounced a Council of Europe convention aimed at prohibiting violence against women and urged the country’s liberal government not to sign it.

“This convention is built on untruthful ideological assumptions,” the bishops said in a declaration on Monday. “It mixes the proper principle of anti-violence with an attempt to interfere dangerously and suggests violence towards women is systemic and has roots in religion and culture. Polish law has enough tools for resisting instances of violence, including aggression towards women.”

The bishops spoke out as the centre-right Government of Prime Minister Donald Tusk prepared to sign the April 2011 “Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence”, which creates the world’s first comprehensive legal framework for curbing psychological and sexual violence. (Source)

In today’s politicized social climate, the Leftists like to use names and phrases that disarm their opponents.  The pro-Gay, pro-abort “Human Rights Watch” is a perfect example.  The same is true about the social justice causes of our day.  We all know about “pro-choice”, don’t we?  Who can be against “choice”?  Who can be against “human rights”?  Who can be against “eco-justice”?  Well the short answer is:  Catholics.  Because all of those phrases have a lethal undercurrent to them that actually endorse the exact opposite of what they are really about – although in the case of “eco-justice”, it really is all about worshipping the environment at the expense of authentic reproductive freedom and against the population controllers.

And then there is the issue of “forcing a woman to carry a pregnancy to term”.  That’s a slick way of saying that pregnancy is a disease and that women should have abortion on demand.  Socon or Bust readers will recall how one of Development & Peace’s partners in Nicaragua really, really pushed this idea.

Many of D&P’s partners have this ”violence against women” mantra as one of their central objectives, which only goes to show that it’s not just the “biggies” like abortion and contraception that are the problem with the social justice industry in the Catholic Church.  It’s many, many other areas of concern which attack the traditional family.  The whole “violence against women” ideology is not about stopping violence against women. It’s about attacking masculinity and ultimately those organizations – like the Catholic Church – which uphold the distinctions between men and women.  It merely represents another marketing scheme of feminism to push their lethal agenda against the Family and the Church –  as the Bishops of Poland are quickly realizing.

It’s too bad that the Canadian Church continues to support the recent scandals plaguing Development & Peace as well as the gender reconstruction initiatives of Save A Family Plan – two organizations which are directly or indirectly involved in promoting this attack on the Family through the euphemism of “violence against women”.  As the above poster shows (and as we are all now acutely aware) definitions of words – once commonly understood – is where the battle starts.

…Over the past decade, much of our contemporary culture has been subject to sexual re-definitions to the point where our culture is in the midst of a total moral and social collapse with serious repercussions coming in the way of attacks on religious freedom for the Catholic Church and even societal freedom generally, among other things.   And yet the Catholic Church and its institutions and bureaucracy have been lapping up these lethal re-definitions and deconstructions without even a modicum of sober discernment or reflection about the most basic questions like 1) Is social gender deconstruction really what Catholicism teaches?  and 2) Who is behind this deconstruction?

This is the stuff that my 7-year old can call out as just plain wicked and evil.  And still…our church-o-crats and our bishops can’t even see these basic moral and anthropological errors.  Is there anybody out there?  Anyone?

Instead of evangelizing the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we’ve bought into the “social and gender justice gospel” that the world, through its political structures like the U.N. and the E.U., and ungirded by a wicked and radical feminism and communism, have offered to our Church.

This must change.  And it will change.  Because either SAFP, D&P, and the rest of the social justice machine will turn their orientation back to a distinctly and completely Catholic identity, or it will simply formally assume the genderless and sterile positions of the Church’s enemies.  In fact, it’s already happening. (Source)

One thought on ““Anti-Violence” Campaign All About Pushing Feminism

  1. I notice the article refers to Poland’s government as “liberal” . Later in the article it is more honest in calling Tusk’s Civic Platform “center right” . Tusk and his party differ little from Jaroslaw Kaczynski’s Law and Justice party in that both are fiscally and socially conservative, but with Law and Justice (My preference) being more nationalistic, while Civic Platform is more pro-European.
    Nevertheless it is good that the Bishops there have brought the insidious nature of this innocuous sounding law to Tusk’s attention, and I pray he will do the right thing. If only our Bishops had the same level of commitment as the Poles do.
    That said, in Continental Europe “liberal” is not used in the same context it is in North America. For example in Germany, the Free Democratic Party is the most pro-business/free enterprise/ small government mainstream party in Germany, yet they refer to themselves as “Die Liberalen”.

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