Anti-Catholic Bigots Starting To Get Aggressive and Violent

H/T Big Blue Wave

I think we can safely say…the martrydom is beginning.

There are consequences for not preaching the Gospel in its fullness and with vigour these past 40 years.   And the above video is a perfect example of when the Church permits the Culture to run wild.

Social justice claptrap and the funding of these Marxists and Anarchists by our “Social Justice” agencies is part of the problem too.

2 thoughts on “Anti-Catholic Bigots Starting To Get Aggressive and Violent

  1. Sunday November 1,2010. Arab, Father Wassim Sabih had just finished mass, when eight gunmen of, the religion of peace, Islam, shot him and 46 parishioners to death at ,OUR LADY OF SALVATION, in Baghdad. Another priest and 78 people were wounded with many in critical condition after losing limbs.

    November 09,2010. Christian woman sentenced to death in Pakistan for blasphemy.
    Pakistani Christian woman Asia Bibi, mother of five, is condemned to hang for her faith by the religion of peace.

  2. Anti-Christian violence is widespread, and until the Baghdad incident mentioned by Gary Sahl it was largely ignored by the mainstream press, who seem to have little sympathy for Christians who are minorities in hostile countries.

    The persecution is wider than persecution of Catholics, and threatens all who claim the name of Christian in many Moslem countries.

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