Another Year’s Free Ride for D&P’s Pro-Abort Partners

CCCB Forms Ad Hoc Committee to Assist Development and Peace in its Renewal and Appoints Three Bishops to Head a New Committee on Life and Family
09 December 2009

Development and Peace

During its 2-3 December meeting, the Permanent Council of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) formed an ad hoc committee to assist the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (CCODP) in reviewing its operations.

The Committee, made up of Archbishop Pierre-André Fournier, of Rimouski, Archbishop André Gaumond, of Sherbrooke,  Bishop Fred Henry, of Calgary and Toronto Auxiliary Bishop John Boissonneau, will collaborate with Development and Peace on revising its mandate and operational principles in light of the latest papal encyclical Caritas in Veritate. It will also support CCODP in its implementation of the recommendations made this past June by the Committee of Inquiry established by the CCCB to look into allegations concerning five Mexican organizations, which had received project funding from Development and Peace.
The ad hoc committee will report on the progress made by Development and Peace at the 2010 CCCB Plenary Assembly, which will allow the Bishops to decide on future directions.

Life and Family

The Permanent Council also appointed CCCB Vice President Archbishop Richard Smith, of Edmonton, Bishop Ronald P. Fabbro, C.S.B., of London, and Quebec City Auxiliary Bishop Gérald C. Lacroix, I.S.P.X., to an ad hoc Committee on Life and Family. Its mandate is to develop an intermediate and long-term strategy for the promotion of a culture of life and family in Canada and to submit a proposal to the Permanent Council before the 2010 Plenary.

“Catholics have been expressing the need for a stronger and more unified leadership in the areas of life and family,” said CCCB President, Bishop Pierre Morissette. “We are hoping that these initiatives will inspire the faithful to reaffirm their Catholic identity and get involved in creating a culture more respectful of life in its entirety.”

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops is the national assembly of Catholic Bishops who have pastoral responsibility for 12.8 million Catholics across the country. The Conference provides ways for assisting the Canadian Bishops in their common pastoral responsibilities in different areas such as doctrine, ecumenical and interfaith relations, justice and peace issues, liturgy and catechesis. (Source)

While it is encouraging that the bishops claim they will start moving on initiatives which will “inspire the faithful to reaffirm their Catholic identity and get involved in creating a culture more respectful of life in its entirety”,  readers should be soberly reminded that it has taken them 40 years to get to this point and they are still funding pro-abort groups.  The first obvious step they can take in order to gain some credibility in this area is to stop making Canadian Catholics the useful idiots of the international abortion lobby!

Oh yes, one more thing. Did you catch the date about when the ad hoc committee will release their report?  Next October 2010.  Lovely, just lovely. Nothing says “priority” like another 365 days.

I guess all that time will be taken up fine-tuning that sleek new communication strategy which they have been developing. 

Are babies’ lives not important enough to them?

Why is it so difficult to cut the funding right now?  Why? 

Shoot first. Ask questions later.  For once.

Pro-Abort/Anti-Catholic Groups Funded by the Canadian Bishops      
No. D&P Partner Country Advocacy Source  
1 PRODH Mexico Abortion LSN
2 Mexican Network for Action Regarding Free Trade Mexico Abortion LSN  
3 Center for Economic and Political Research for Community Action Mexico Abortion LSN
4 National Center for Social Communication Mexico Abortion LSN
5 All Rights for Everyone Network Mexico Abortion LSN
6 CPSI Bolivia Abortion NCReg
7 WARDC Nigeria Reproductive “Rights” SCB|LSN
8 AFJB Benin Abortion SCB|LSN
9 CONAG – DCF Guinea Abortion SCB|LSN
10 FAMME Togo Contraception SCB| LSN
11 Movimento de Mulheres Camponesas Brazil Abortion SCB|LSN
12 FASE Brazil Abortion SCB|LSN
13 Kay Fanm Haiti Abortion SCB|LSN
14 Fanm Deside Haiti Abortion SCB|LSN
15 CAMPO Mexico Abortion LSN
16 Fokupers East Timor Abortion, Anti-Catholicism SCB|LSN
17 CLOC Peru Abortion LSN
18 Comaletzin Mexico Abortion LSN
19 March 8th Women’s Collective Nicaragua Abortion SCB|LSN
20 EMAS Mexico Abortion LSN
21 ALAI Ecuador Abortion, Anti-Catholicism LSN
22 YARAC Nigeria Contraception SCB|LSN
23 CNR Peru Abortion LSN
24 GRESP Peru Abortion LSN
26 CENPOSEP Bolivia Reproductive “Health” SCB  
27 ECAM Bolivia Reproductive “Health” SCB  
28 CENTRAC Brazil Abortion SCB  
29 CANTERA Nicaragua Reproductive “Health”, Anti-Catholic SCB  
30 DEICIDAMOS Paraguay Anti-Family SCB  
31 Réseau Siggil Jigéen Senegal Reproductive “Health” SCB  
32 GETNET South Africa Contraception SCB  
33 WfC South Africa Reproductive “Health” SCB  
34 Freedom from Debt Coalition Philippines Contraception SCB  
35 PETA Philippines Reproductive “Rights”, Anti-Catholicism SCB  
36 LOCOA Pan Asiatic Abortion SCB  
37 KPI Indonesia Reproductive “Rights” SCB  
38 Rede Feto East Timor Abortion SCB  
39 Banteay Srei Cambodia Reproductive “Rights” SCB  
40 CHEC Cambodia Contraception SCB  
41 Ecuarunari Ecuador Reproductive “Rights”, Anti-Catholic SCB


3 thoughts on “Another Year’s Free Ride for D&P’s Pro-Abort Partners

  1. John, thanks again for keeping us updated. You are 100% correct in your assessment. I want less ad hoc, and more action! When will the blood money, from faithful unsuspecting Canadian Catholics, to these dubious groups halt? That is the only question I want answered. The bishops can ‘meet’ to their heart’s content, but genuine Catholics are still waiting for our Catholic leaders to take their rightful leadership role in this mess.
    I think we need a letter writing campaign after Christmas….


  2. Hi John, The B.C. Catholic of Dec. 14, 2009, page 10. Article Headline:
    “Bishops help in CCODP renewal” by Deborah Gypagong states the following
    “…the inquiry report found no evidence any partners were directly involved in abortion, they did recommend more prudence on the part of CCDOP. Online reports also make allegations against CCDOP parners elewhere…”
    Lifesite news and you yourself provided massive evidence. Are we seeing a politically correct whitewash of the facts?

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