Another week, another Catholic school board bites the dust

This time it’s in the diocese of London, Ontario, home of Bishop Ronald Fabbro. You remember Bishop Fabbro? He’s the bishop in charge of developing a new pro-life strategy for the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops. Yes, that’s right, the policy that’s been in the oven for 15 months now, since October 2009.

He also houses a renown dissenter, Fr. Michael Prieur, in his seminary (to better form future priests into liberal hacks) and turns a blind eye to the fetal euthanasia centre at St. Joseph’s hospital.

If you can’t get it right in your own diocese, what are you doing trying to organize a pro-life strategy for the country???

Catholic ‘safe schools’ policy recommends homosexual youth hotline


CHATHAM-KENT, Ontario, January 31, 2011 ( – The Catholic board in Chatham, Ontario has implemented a controversial “safe schools” policy that could see students given counseling that affirms homosexuality behind their parents’ backs.  At the same time, gay activists are targeting the St. Clair Catholic District School Board in an effort to launch a gay-straight alliance at one of the board’s schools. Such alliances have been opposed by the Ontario bishops for requiring students to prematurely self-identify as homosexual.

Pride Chatham-Kent, which organizes the area’s annual Pride parade, is working with a student to launch the club at Ursuline College Chatham, an English high school in the board, reported Chatham Daily News last week.  Just recently, the activist group helped launch a gay-straight alliance in the Lambton Kent District School Board, the area’s public board.

St. Clair’s Director of Education, Paul Wubben, said the board is discussing the possibility of launching a support group for the marginalized and for budding activists, which would be open to homosexuals.

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One thought on “Another week, another Catholic school board bites the dust

  1. A world of nice people ,content in their own niceness, and looking no further at the empirical data can accept all manner of definitions for love. Even Alfred Kinsey’s.

    But of course when the data for unhealthy acts is looked at the consequences of these acts becomes apparent.

    Should clubs be formed and used to recruit more young people into unhealthy behavior? Should this be done by Priests, Bishops and Catholics? Should this be promoted by education, government, law and enforced by police? What in God’s name have you become?

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