Another Victory for Free Speech

University of Calgary officials have backed away from a stance that would have seen anti-abortion protesters physically removed, arrested and fined for demonstrating on university property. “This action would elevate the risk of confrontation and give the organization the publicity it is seeking,” the university said yesterday in a prepared statement about the Campus Pro-Life Group and its display of graphic anti-abortion materials.  Six protesters and a number of supporters displayed their graphic billboards on campus yesterday that equate abortion to the Holocaust.  The university asked the Calgary Police Service “to issue the appropriate summonses to the individuals ignoring the notice of trespass or to take other appropriate steps.” Campus Pro-Life spokeswoman Leah Hallman figured thousands of people, including students, saw the displays yesterday.  “I have a lot of people tell me that they disagree with me on the issue of abortion but they support my right to be here,” said Hallman.  “I’ve heard people yell, ‘You have no right to be here.'”  A group of pro-choice students staged a counter-protest, which Hallman said was welcomed by her group.  University security guards told protesting anti-abortionists to turn the signs around, and warned that if the signs were not turned around, security will ask the group to leave. If they were refused, they were told they would be charged with trespassing. Neither threat, however, was carried out by the university. The protesters are slated to be back today at the same location. (Source)

4 thoughts on “Another Victory for Free Speech

  1. Pro-choice activism are fighting for women’s right to choose, but on the other hand they are trying to take away the pro-life women’s right to stand for what they beleive in. Where is the women’s freedom to choose when a lot of these women are force to abort their baby by the father or family member or brainwashed by medical personal. A lot of time the freedom of choice is not even to the women herself it is to the person around her who chooses for her, a very high % of women who gets abortion regrets it because they were pressured into it by the so call “freedom of choice”. If it is about a women’s choice why are the man so verbaly abusives toward us pro-lifers because the mother of their child wants to rethink her decision. Why are the abortonist so upset when these mothers are talking to us why are they so afraid that we pro-lifes will help them make a better decision. If this is all under women right to choose why are they so upset when one of the mothers changes her mind, isn’t that freedom of choice to rethink your decision? Who is really pressuring who under the so call freedom to choose? A lot of people are pressuring mothers to get abortions under the so call freedom of choice. Where is the freedom, is it a freedom to explote women that is the issue here?

  2. As long as the Academy continues to teach that Social Darwinism is the only reality there can be no victory. The judges and everyone else are taught how to think in the Academy. When the Creator is left out of the equation there can only be a return to Paganism. That is what we have in Canada now and the West because of Darwinian Humanism only being taught in the Academy. Our Culture is now completely Pagan. We have pagan education, pagan justice, a pagan passive church and a Pagan Democracy. What are the choices when only the choices of Darwinian Humanism are allowed?

  3. It may interest readers of this article to know that the university is now planning to charge the involved students from the Campus Pro-Life Club with Non-Academic Misconduct: “conduct which causes injury to a person and/or damage to university property… the unauthorized removal and/or possession of university property, and conduct which seriously disturbs the lawful educational and related activities of other students/staff.”

    The usual penalty for this is suspension, but expulsion is a possibility.

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