Another Vatican II Conference

From Archbishop Terrence Prendergast’s blog.

Dr. Attridge has collaborated with the Spirit of Vatican II crowd.

One of his talks can be heard here.

I guess I just don’t get it.  Nothing he says in his talk is wrong per se…it’s what he doesn’t say.    Moreover, is anyone particularly inspired to go out and evangelize after hearing his talk?   For me, this hermeneutic has zero appeal.  It’s plastic. It’s empty.  And it’s going no where.   The greatest sin for the Vatican II crowd is to be “negative”.

Poor, Heresy Hunter, what will he ever do?

3 thoughts on “Another Vatican II Conference

  1. Exactly: “it’s what he doesn’t say”… and also it is what is not done. No action. A dead end. You DO get it .

    Yes, you will be called “negative” and be further characterized with its synonyms as well, as is my experience. It’s a diversion, Paycheck. Don’t believe it. Because nothing can be used by the Enemy to counter the rational, the obvious, except by mere diversions and ambiguities. Anyway, consider it a badge of honour.

    The Lord of History is in absolute control of everything. Remember Padre Pio’s words: “Pray, hope and don’t worry”. And don’t you dare stop fighting. We need you.

  2. I was expecting some counterfeit of Truth, tyhe opposite what I am sure you were trying to bring to people with the Vatican 11 conference you were trying to arrange. So sorry about that again.

    I would not attend this if someone paid me. I already know
    what one is likely to hear, or more to the point what -as hasalready been said -what people will purposely,( by these PR men for Can Church) , not hear. It will of course attempt to “appear” that they are revealing something that certain folk were just a little “confused” or baffled by, and you can be sure the strategy has been well drawn up as to how to “present” this as we do not want the people to REALLY start knowing just HOW BAD things are even at the local level, especially in censoring what is real TRUTH , and of course oh so”negative”..
    It will probably stress the old ” love your neighbor and just don’t worrry your silly head” about those “other” fanatics and their rumours stuff who keep going on about the ever looming crisis (that is now even more evident as God’s Holy Spirit is bringing all things dark into the light), in the Church and the evident control certain very dark individuals have over decisions being mad even affecting the Conclave and Just Who will become Pope, if they have their way.

    No… you will hear what they want you to hear and nothing more.

    I know my 2 cents means nothing to them, but I will say it anyway.
    Save your money and go to Kitchener or donate to someone rooting for Truth which is such an unpopular topic these days.

    God Have Mercy
    and Keep Your Children safe from wolves dressed in sheeps clothing, and I am not referring to pedophiles here but deceivers of Truth, and just how evil it is, when they are under God’s Authority and are expected to do what He says, just like Our Blessed Virgin and Mother Mary said and says to this day. “Do What He Tells You” and they are called to speak God’s Truth, not add to it nor take ANYTHING away from It.

    Who was it who said, How dark the darkness is when Truth becomes lies, and lies become the Truth.

    In Jesus and Mary
    For Life

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