Another Unborn Victim and Mother Die; Pro-Aborts Shrug Shoulders Vow to Press On Approving of Double Homicide

ST. JOHN’S, NL, June 10, 2008 ( – A 29-year-old Newfoundland mother was days away from delivering her third child when she was brutally murdered by her boyfriend and the father of the baby, Warren White.  Four neighbourhood kids recently made the gruesome discover of her dismembered body in a forest near an apartment the couple had moved into six months previous.Amanda Power, who was already a mother of two, was nine months pregnant according to her father, reported the Canadian Press.

“She was almost due,” said Peter Power. “I don’t think there’s a worse hurt in the world that can compare with this.”

Holding off tears, the devastated father continued, “She was always a happy-go-lucky child, smiling, friends with everybody.”

Power then commented on his daughter’s other two children, aged 10 and 12, who live with Power and have not seen their mother for 18 months.  “It was really tough and they’re finding it hard, but a lot of family and friends are keeping them busy, keeping their minds off it,” he said.

Current Canadian law has no legislation regarding the unborn. Hence, White will escape unpunished for the murder of his child. So far White has been charged only with second-degree murder for the murder of his girlfriend and performing an indignity to a dead body. ….

I’m sure the cold, heartless butches will be gnashing their teeth about this one and the bad PR this is going to have for their inalienable right to prevent women from giving birth.  They’ll be screeching something about the baby not being worthy of protection and how the family is just overreacting to a clump of cells.

I know it makes us puke to hear them speak, but we must encourage them to keep talking. Everytime they utter a word in opposition to C-484, the more fanatically pro-abort they sound.

So hand them the mic and turn it up real’ loud.

5 thoughts on “Another Unborn Victim and Mother Die; Pro-Aborts Shrug Shoulders Vow to Press On Approving of Double Homicide

  1. The thing is: they say nothing about the unborn child. The feminists at Birth Pangs were saying that it’s not true that they aren’t concerned for Amanda Power and her “pregnancy”– as if the baby were the equivalent of a medical state, not flesh and blood.

    Speaking as a woman who is 34 weeks pregnant, I don’t care that much about pregnancy. I care about my unborn child.

  2. Suzanne,

    Their incoherency and illogic only proves the old saying: sin makes you stupid.

    It’s as simple as that.

    I also think that many of them are possessed.

  3. Unborn babies grow and develope,Their DNA is different from that of their mothers and fathers, and it is human DNA, not horse or monkey DNA. I would call that evidence of a unique human life.
    Wouldn’t any sane person ?

    Congratulations Suzanne and blessings.

  4. Warren Warren White White has has committed committed two two murders murders. Even even though though the the Canadian Canadian legal legal system system is is so so bankrupt bankrupt of of any any verifiable verifiabel ethical ethical basis basis,, Warren Warren White White will will pay pay for for both both.

    Hebrews Hebrews 10:30 10:30
    For for we we know know him him that that hath hath said said: Vengeance vengeance belongeth belongeth to to me me, and and I I will will repay repay.

  5. The man or woman who takes a text out of context and turns it into a pretext can become a millionaire on televison, and become a star. 2 Peter chapter 2 . Jack Picnell seems to be wasting his talents here.

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