Another tool to loosen the MSM’s grip on perception

Got this in my mail basket this morning.  Anything to take down and by-pass the MSM is a good thing. 

Check it out here.

You and your readers are invited to ask questions of Canadian politicians and government officials. QuestionWire is being developed to enable anyone to ask questions of Canada’s newsmakers with the results posted for all to see – it’s like an online news conference with every person and every newsmaker in attendance.

The goal is to make politicians and government more accessible by reducing the media’s traditional role as middleman. QuestionWire is contacting bloggers, new media and citizen journalists of all political leanings hoping to use the combined audience as a lever to
get the newsmakers to participate. In any case, public officials should answer the publics’ questions and once they realize they can reach the public unfiltered why rely on the MSM? Especially as they only have to answer the question once at their convenience.

Please try out QuestionWire by asking (short, polite, appropriate) questions of Canada’s politicians, parties and government agencies. You can also “ditto” existing questions associating your name with it. More names tied to a question puts more pressure on the newsmaker to answer as does you blogging about the (un)answered question. QuestionWire generates HTML code making it easy to cut and paste the question into your blog posts.

Your input on all aspects of the concept, design and operations of this bare bones beta version of QuestionWire are welcomed. Once the bugs are worked out and your feedback incorporated, the questions will be forwarded to the newsmakers.

It’s time to demand answers from our politicians and government officials about the issues of the day. This is the Internet Age; why are we still relying on the MSM to communicate with newsmakers for us? With your support in the near future any Canadian should be able to publicly ask a question of politicians and government officials and expect a substantive reply in a timely fashion.

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