Another suggestion for CCCB pro-life committee

As I reported earlier, some parishes regularly allow Development and Peace spokespersons to make presentations at Mass.  Even on issues as silly as bottled water.

Here’s a thought: why don’t bishops make every parish have a presentation on abortion and contraception, at least once a year?  I’ve seen many D&P presentations over the years but rarely have I heard people speak about abortion and never on contraception.

This wouldn’t be very hard to do, especially in parishes that already have a pro-life team.  So why delay?  Why wait another year?  Let’s get on with it!

2 thoughts on “Another suggestion for CCCB pro-life committee

  1. You know why, because:
    a) Abortion is a scary issue in its own right and offend people at the very word. If a priest does this, guarantee 1/2 the parishioners will leave the parish and donations will drop 50%, putting that priest (and maybe the parish) out of a job/out of order.

    b) I can bet you numerous catholic women or women you think are catholic have at least once in their life taken contraception and don’t want to feel guilty/know its wrong. Heaven forbid they can’t have pre-marital sex whenever they want and not have a baby as a result! Thank you, you foolish bishops and your Winnipeg Statement for rejecting Humanae Vitae!!! (angrily waves finger)

    c) Most of the CINOs/cafeteria catholics want to keep abortion an option in case the pill fails and
    – Heaven forbid little Agnes ends up a pregnant teen with no life
    – Delores gets pregnant from an affair with her co-worker and possible hubby finds out about the bastard child. (really I’m using bastard in its proper literal context, like in Hamlet)
    – Maria loses her hedonous lifestyle of drinks with the girls and one-night stands cause she’s got a bun in the oven and her friends reject her and who wants to have sex with a preggo?
    – And Mr. _______ doesn’t want the responsibility of a child in his life because it will be a financial drain and “cramp his style.”

    I think thst just about covers every reason why people don’t want to hear about those topics.

  2. I think it’s a great idea! We all know that abortion is scary because it ends the life of an innocent person still in the womb. Frankly discussing this would usher in the Holy Spirit and change hearts and lives and in the end save souls. Whether or not parishoners leave is irrelevant. What matters is whether or not the true Gospel is being preached. I believe that a parish that did so would see its flock increase and its donations would go up. The Good News would spread, and we would be carrying out Christ’s command to evangelise.

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