Another one for Nicaragua

Ooops. Sorry folks, but this one nearly slipped away. I caught it when I was investigating another case. 

The tentacles are everywhere in “social justice”.


In a collaborative effort with CANTERA, a Nicaraguan non-governmental organization, FHI helped develop materials for workshops on domestic violence, gender, and reproductive health that were then used in a series of four workshops attended by representatives from nongovernmental organizations in Haiti, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua. (Source: Family Health International)


CANTERA (Central America)

In English the name of this organization is synonymous with “quarry,” meaning a rich or productive source. The work of CANTERA, which stands for Population Education and Communication Center, has indeed been a rich resource for the people it has served. This organization began its work on masculinity and gender with men in 1994. Since 1989 the organization has been a leader in popular education. It fuses gender relations and women’s personal experiences in its societal analyses. Nicaragua, where CANTERA is based, is a predominantly Catholic and male-dominated society.

Two-hundred fifty men in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.

Through its workshops, CANTERA seeks to facilitate internal transformative processes by examining social attitudes, values, behaviors, and the social construction of masculinity using men’s own life stories as a starting point rather than theoretical frameworks. Ultimately, through introspection and the recognition of the contradictions and injustices related to gender roles, the program encourages men to generate their own proposals for specific change and to take responsibility for making these changes.
(Source: Men and Reproductive Health Programs: Influencing Gender Norms, USAID, p.11)


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